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How To Be Successful : Success Without Making Excuses.now that youve written your action plan, i have to warn you about the one thing that you cannot do. ive laid out all these steps for you to follow. there is one more pit fall that is going to be almost as sabotaging or possibly as self sabotaging as negative self talk or telling yourself that you cant do it. what you have to make sure you do not do is make excuses. this plan must follow a zero excuses policy. thats why if you reflect back and you may want to check what youve written down so far, make sure that its. realistic. because you cannot start making excuses. if you start making excuses of why. you cant do this and why you cant do that, you will not reach those goals. you will not. be able to be successful. and remember that being successful to you is reaching the goals. that you set, zero excuses..

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