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Derren Brown Learn How To Hypnotize Someone People using Mind Control 8of10

Oh, this is fun.Nearly didn’t make this into the show, actually.This bit nearly got cut out.Often you overfilm.You film this, and then when you put it all together, you think, oh, we don’t really need that.We haven’t got time for that.But i did really like this.This is now testing out the amnesia, so he now has this powerful connection between a polkadot handkerchief and the experience of amnesia.Which, again, is no different than listening to a song and it taking you back to a particular.

State.It’s actually quite an ordinary, everyday thing.All of this is.Which again, is why you can say, truthfully, that there’s nothing really that happens under hypnosis that isn’t stuff that happens in ordinary, everyday life.However, you’re taking somebody who’s particularly prone to it and then really focusing it and amplifying it.But essentially, it’s rooted in quote ordinary, everyday experiences.Gtgt iain i’d forgotten about how we wanted this shot.It’s actually making me grin now.I remember laughing quite a lot about the camera staying on you.Yeah, great stuff.

Gtgt derren yeah, this is kind of quite again, it’s quite everyday stuff that you how many times have you done it you’ve put something down and you can’t remember where you’ve put it or you look for something and it ends up being right in front of you, and you didn’t see it that’s another thing.Gtgt iain car keys is the great one.Or looking for a book on a shelf is the always the one.Gtgt derren it’s right there.Yeah.Inaudible 003054.I would always make myself invisible.

At the end of a hypnosis demonstration, and people can’t see me, and it looks amazing.But again, it’s the same thing.You look for a pen or car keys, you can’t find it, and they’re right in front of you.You’re like, why didn’t i see those what’s just happened in my brain that i’ve just blanked that out, because i somehow didn’t expect it to be there yeah.Laughs the bread bin.I love the look on his face throughout all of this, just sort of benign bemusement.Gtgt iain yeah, it’s almost bewilderment.

Gtgt derren benign bemusement and bewilderment.Gtgt iain yes.Because i think as well, he has no idea of where this is going yet.I do wonder at this point, you were meeting him and you were taking him through all this covert training to show him what hypnosis was i wonder what’s going through his head about where this might lead because he has no clue.Gtgt derren it’s also unusual in that i’m actually kind of using hypnosis quite overtly here.For years, i’ve used it in a more disguised or subtle way.It was actually quite interesting.

With this show.It was quite i don’t know, it was fun.It felt like a relief to get to use it quite blatantly.It feels like this is sort of a stage hypnosis kind of stunt.Particularly his confusion when he can’t find it and all those kind of things.Gtgt iain can i just interject, on that previous shot, you did actually see tom, the cameraman.If you watched the commentary for the brain trick, as well on this dvd, you’ll see that we mention he faints in a quite hilarious way.

The Best Hypnosis Eyes Stuck Technique

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Hypnotized to sleep by a pocket watch sleep triggers by finger snaps hypnosis insomnia ASMR

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A Girl Hypnotized Her Boyfriend For The First Time

you said you trusted me, right i trust you.Cool.Sleep.Fingers snap electronic music have you guys been hypnotized before never.Is this like psychedelic at all hypnosis is a very natural state of being.During this very high awareness state where you’re so relaxed that you feel wow, i feel wonderful and i just don’t really care what’s really happening.And that’s when we flood your mind with a suggestion.So let’s take you into a little bit of a state of hypnosis.

All you have to do now is close your eyes.And as your eyes are closed, i want you to focus only on my voice.Feel your body relaxing, collapsing into that chair, as you deeper, finger snaps and deeper.Finger snaps now.One, two, and three, eyes open.Hi guys.Hi, hi cookie.I’m gonna sit over here.Look at me, look at me.Hi.Sleep arya.Finger snaps let it go way down.You’re gonna be the hypnotist now.You can tell him anything you want him to do.

Okay, you ready you’re the hypnotist, go.Upon awakening, when i suggest the words charlie chaplin, you will do a tiny, seated tap dance.One, two, three, wake up.What’s going on charlie chaplin.Feet tapping giggles charlie chaplin stop light slap can he do the charlie chaplin only while he’s awake charlie chaplin.One, two, three, wake up.Charlie chaplin.Feet tapping charlie chaplin stop.Sleep.Finger snaps laughter you’re starting to enjoy this, i think, a little much.Mysterious music that was the most nuts thing.

Derren Brown How To Hypnotize Someone Mind Control 7of10

Essentially, you kind of induce a feeling.You get someone to create in themselves the state.So you talk about amnesia, you talk about ordinary, everyday examples where it happens, like reading a book and not remembering the last page you’ve read, or driving home and not remembering the route you’ve taken.Natural, things we do not remember doing them.There’s ordinary, everyday things.Don’t remember putting that there.Then you wait for them to go into themselves and kind of go, yeah, i do remember that.Then you harness that.All of this is taking really ordinary, everyday experiences and.

Derren Brown How To Hypnotize Someone Mind Control 2of10

Here is our unprepared audience.This is filmed in a church, actually, in london, where the london symphony orchestra is that where they rehearse gtgt iain i believe so.Gtgt derren yes, that’s right.I’m just demonstrating some suggestion here.Now, it all looks potentially, i don’t know, quite impressive.What’s essentially happening is people are taking ideas that i give them and turning them into something very real for themselves.And it doesn’t work on everybody part of the skill, i suppose, if you do this kind of thing, is to know who.

To do it with.If you’re doing any kind of hypnosis show, you normally have some sort of test that you give the audience, and then you pick the people that respond well to that.Or sometimes you can just tell if people are going to respond well, and then if you pick them up and suddenly bark a load of instructions to them, which is what i just did, it can bypass any skepticism on their part and just get straight to that deeper part of the brain that makes it work.Not that i necessarily think of it as a deeper part of the brain.

I think the unconscious mind, you can also read it.It’s just a gutlevel response.There, when i throw her a ball, she’s so instinctively geared to catch the ball that that overrides her conscious attempts to try and pull her hands apart.But she can’t do it when she’s trying, she can’t do it.But a ball flying at her somehow allows her to do it.The point of this whole part is to look into what hypnosis is.This is a classic handshake induction.The idea of that is you are interrupting an automatic.

Process.If somebody comes up to you and shakes hands, you’re not really thinking, oh, i’ve got to bring my hand up now and i’ve got to take hold of their hand and move it up and down.You just sort of enter this automatic process, and if you are a suggestible type and that process is interrupted and you’re given other instructions, like go to sleep, you’re so bewildered by the interruption to that, you don’t quite have time to take stock of what’s happening.The instruction to go to sleep and go back is enough to just simply.

Make you do it, respond to it with this kind of gutlevel, unconscious level of response.Whatever you want to call it.It looks like he’s flatout dead, and he’s not.He’s not.To what extent a trance really exists, or whether it’s just his behavior, it doesn’t really matter but either way, he’s going to be in a state where he’s going to be usually responsive to what i’m saying.Gtgt iain and it’s very dramatic.Gtgt derren and it’s dramatic and it looks good.Especially with a big swirly pattern.

Underneath.Gtgt iain you did get him slightly offcenter there, which i was.Gtgt derren i know, i was considering just kicking him along a little bit, but that would be frowned upon by the viewing public.Didn’t we have one of our runners respond to this gtgt iain yes.What was really interesting during this, and i only found out afterwards, was one of the runners, emily, during this hypnotic induction, she actually went under a couple of times.I think she was gtgt derren when we say she went under, that’s not a euphemism for anything.You mean she.

Fell asleep gtgt iain she did, yes, yes.Gtgt derren she’s known for going under in the office.Gtgt iain which i thought was fantastic and just fascinating.She wasn’t part of that, and it still affected her.Apparently she zoned out so much that she found herself helping a cameraman about half an hour later and has no idea of how she got there.Gtgt derren sort of woke up helping a cameraman.That’s fantastic.I should just probably explain, because this had to be crunched down a little bit the structure i use for hypnosis here.

Is i start off with relaxation.I get them to tense up and then relax and imagine a staircase that they’re walking down, and each step they take on the staircase relaxes them more.Then there’s things within the language.Everything is presupposing a level of relaxation and trance and responsiveness to me.Like here, for example, i’m saying try and remember your name.Try and remember your name.You see, if you actually followed that instruction, you wouldn’t remember it.Trying to do something.Try to lift this glass up off the table is not the same as lifting.

The glass up off the table.There is ways that you can use language to make your instruction work much more powerfully, and the people normally it’s about 30 of people that respond well to this general induction, will find themselves picking up on that kind of thing.Like now i’m going to these people and i tell them they can’t get out of their seat.It still astonishes me, after 25 years of doing this, that people do 20 years of doing this that people do respond so quickly.I do this every night on stage.People come.

Up and i tell them they’re feet are stuck to the floor, and i still don’t quite fully grasp why it is that they think gtgt iain i’ve seen you do this a bunch of times, and it fascinates me, obviously, because i’m not a performer and i don’t do this.Do you find there’s a specific type of person that you find goes on, and can you spot them early on because i was surprised, when we did this night, just the range of people that were responding.Gtgt derren yeah.You’re looking for responsiveness, so you’re looking for openness, suggestibility.

Somebody that sat with their arms folded, leaning back in the chair, i would never pick.Someone that sat forward, making a lot of eye contact, they’re kind of smiling when i’m smiling and all of those things, i know are going to respond well.So it’s natural, everyday openness is really what you’re using.I think, the way i see it, there is a sort of personality trait.There’s this thing, suggestibility, that comes in various shapes and forms.But if you have that, then you will respond to this.There’s not a huge amount.

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