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Hacking The Hypnotic Induction A StepbyStep Guide by Igor Ledochowski

MUSIC PLAYING The induction itself is very, very simple. We’ll talk about the principles on why you’re doing all the things in the next section, the psychology of the induction. For now, let’s just look at the mechanics of it. The first thing is, of course, as we say, let’s start over here.

Do your whole compliance testing in one step and say, are you still in hypnosis? Yes. We have that. Stand over here, please. Turn around and face me. Excellent. We’ve got all that.

Please look at here. Good. Now we have the condition for it. The next step is from here, take one hand, in fact, I’ll take this hand here so you can see. And what I want you to do is stick it on the back of the neck, very gently cradling it, and initially, as you’re training this,.

All I want you to do is just guide their head into your shoulder. Now, they’ve got to give you their whole balance. Just give me your balance. All right, just press onto my shoulder. There you go. That’s fine. They’ve got to give you their whole balance,.

Or they might stand on their own balance here. It doesn’t really matter what’s happening. You can even have someone’s head guided over here. But what we’re looking for is them to go into an unnatural position slightly. When their head is tipped forward, now at this point here, you’ll notice it doesn’t feel comfortable, does it?.

No. It feels unusual. It’s like, what do I do? If they stay there, that is, it shows you a lot about trust. If they come forward and then pull right back again, well, then you have a little bit more work to do again. You’ve probably skipped one of the earlier stages. If you’ve your setup correctly, though,.

Most people will come forward. They’ll think about going back a little bit. But as long as you keep gentle but a commanding control here so if you start pulling back a little, just pull back a little bit. And just have a little bit of thing just to hold them there. And then you can just encourage with your voice. Just relax a little more.

Hypnotic Induction Demonstration by Igor Ledochowski

Hi guys, I’m here with my friend Brett who has very charmingly volunteered to be our subject for the instant induction. Are you ready to do some hypnosis? Come over here then please. Turn around and face me there you go, take a little half a step forward There you go, that’s good Now look at me. All you have to do is just follow instructions and do exactly as I say, And it will be really easy and a lot of fun. Are you ready for this? Take a deep breath in.

Breathe out all the way Get a lot of breath in breathe out SLEEP That’s right, you’re doing great. Relaxing deeper, deeper, Deeper. The deeper you go, the more you relax; the more you relax, the deeper you go. The deeper you go, the better you feel, all anxieties, all nerves, everything just flooding away from your mind, Drifting comfortably like your on a cloud. Going deeper, deeper deeper now. That’s it. Feel yourself relaxing.

Feel your mind drifting. And notice how good it feels to do that. That’s it. In a moment I’m going to ask you to open your eyes, and I want you to know that every time I say the word ‘Sleep’ You’ll close your eyes and go into a state as deep as this or even deeper. And as relaxing as this. And even more relaxing. As comforting as this, And even more comfortable. Nod your head if you understand.

Very good. Eyes open, look at me. That was not bad, hey? And SLEEP, all the way, that’s it. You’re doing a good job, finding your own balance, deeper and deeper now, more and more comfort, more and more relaxation. And you’ll notice each time you open your eyes, a real thrill of excitement, a real rush of a feelgood feeling Will go through you. You might even smile, it feels that good. Nod your head if you understand. Eyes open how did that feel? Pretty good? And SLEEP all the way, you’re doing good,.

Deeper and deeper now, deeper and deeper. And lift this hand here, make it strong, stiff, and rigid like an iron bar, lock it tight, lock it straight down Like an iron bar. The harder you try and move it, the more it sticks, tighter and tighter. Try and move it, and find you cannot. It is locked tight And stop trying, release, relax, and go deeper. You did a good job! You’re doing great. Just to prove to yourself the power of your mind, what I want you to do is, imagine around your eyelids, as though someone was just.

Pouring superglue right there, and right there, superglue all around your eyelids Feel your eyelids locking down tight, feel them locking shut Feel that superglue drain across, first a cool then a warmer sensation locking them down. Feel those eyes lock tight there you go. The harder you try and open them, the more tightly they stick. Try and open them, prove to yourself how tight they are try and then stop trying. Just drift again. Those eyelids, back to normal, You’re doing a good job. And because you’ve done such a great job,.

I’d like you to realize, you’re about to get a little hypnotic gift. That’s it. All you’re going to do is lift this arm I’m not going to ask you to let it descend any more quickly than positive memories come your way. As that hand starts to descend, your unconscious mind starts opening up, to positive experiences, memories from the past, you succeeding, feeling good, confident. Doing things that make you feel good. And as that hand starts descending, those memories start flooding in now.

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