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Self Hypnosis Relaxation

Free hypnosis tutorial for relaxation and positive thinking Dim the lights, turn off your telephone and other possible sources of distraction. Sit or lie in a comfortable position in a quiet, warm and safe environment where you are not likely to be disturbed. If possible cover yourself with a light blanket. On the count of three I want you to take three deep breaths with me, and as you do so, you will feel yourself descending into a wonderful refreshing state of relaxation. One, two,.

Three. breathe in .and out Breathe in .And out Breathe in .And out With every breath you take, with every sound you hear you are becoming more and more relaxed. Concentrate on the sound of my voice. My voice relaxes you more and more. With every word you hear you are becoming more and more relaxed and peaceful more and more. Relax more and more. More and more relaxed with every breath you.

Take, with every sound you hear you are becoming more and more drowsy and more and more relaxed. Feeling wonderful, safe and secure. We are going to take another, deep delicious, refreshing, healing breath and as you do so you will place your head in a comfortable position and keep it so. One, two and three take a deep breath and place your head in a comfortable position. Relax more and more. Listen to my voice, place all your thoughts.

And attention on my voice and let it guide you gently into a deep and refreshing state of relaxation more and more. That’s great, well done. Now we are going to allow the eye lids to close gently. Let’s create a wonderful and safe environment in which to meditate. On the count of three I want you to allow your eye lids to close gently. One, two and three, allow your eye lids to close gently, allow them to close naturally. We are now going to relax each part of your.

Body, and as you do so you will feel more and more relaxed, deeper and deeper, feeling safe and warm. Place all your thoughts and attention on your scalp. Tense your scalp slightly . and let it go. That’s great well done. Now place all your thoughts and attention on your forehead. Tense your forehead slightly . and let it go. Good. Listen to my voice, place all your thoughts and attention on my voice. Now we are going to relax your face muscles.

Slightly tense your face muscles and let them go. well done. Now tense your neck and shoulder muscles, and let them go. Deeply relaxed. Deeper and deeper you go. Your neck and shoulder muscles are becoming warm and so very relaxed. Listen to my voice as it gently guides you into a wonderful refreshing state of relaxation. Now slightly tense your arms and hands, a little more, a little more and let them go. Your arms and hands are becoming warm and.

Deeply relaxed. deeper and deeper, more and more. Listening to my voice, you are now gently descending into a wonderful, refreshing feeling of relaxation. Deeper and deeper you go, more and more relaxed. You are fully conscious and aware of your environment and so wonderfully relaxed. You are hearing every word I say, and you are feeling so comfortable, more and more, deeper and deeper. Time to take three more deep refreshing, delicious,.

Healing breaths. breathe in, and out. breathe in, and out. Breathe in, and out. On the count of three, I will ask you to tense your stomach and pelvic muscles slightly, and as you do so you will become even more relaxed, One, two, three, tense your stomach and pelvic muscles slightly. And let them gothat’s great! Your stomach and pelvic muscles are becoming deeply relaxed, deeper and deeper.

Natural Tranquility Hypnosis Calm Hypnotic Relaxation SelfHypnosis

Natural tranquility hypnosis calm hypnotic relaxation selfhypnosis Download FREE naturalhypnosis /l/freehypnosis?l=861255 Use this simple, natural tranquility album to relax your mind and body effortlessly! Do you struggle to relax after a long day? Do you struggle to slow your thoughts down? Do you find it difficult to take a break and unwind? If so then this is the album for you. It is simple yet powerful, and you will experience the benefits straight away upon listening.

This hypnosis mp3 works as a simple form of hypnotic relaxation. it will calm both your mind and relax your body completely: You will experience your thoughts slowing down, and feel relief from the troubling thoughts and stresses which burden your mind. After just a few minutes your mind will be clear, calm, and still. All of your muscles will start to relax as a natural wave of tranquility travels through your body; up your ankles and through your.

Calves, across your solarplexus and midback, across your chest and upper back, and down over your shoulders, biceps, elbows, forearms, wrists, hands, and fingers. Your entire body from head to toe will relax! This simple yet powerful album will ultimately take you on a journey to your own personal mental garden of tranquility where you really can take a time out from your busy life, relax in mind and body, and recharge your batteries, ready to take the world on again! What to Expect from the Natural Tranquility.

Hypnosis album Everyone experiences hypnosis slightly differently but you will typically feel very relaxed, perhaps even a little sleepy, and you might not remember everything which is said to you. However, immediately afterwards you will return to full consciousness, feel totally refreshed and be more alert than ever. Early Results:.

Immediately after listening you will come out of the trance and feel refreshed and energized like your batteries have been recharged. Your mind will be clear and you will immediately feel much more relaxed and calm.

Long term results: With all of our sessions you will see the results building every time you listen, as small changes grow into big improvements in your life, and become lasting positive changes. With the help of this album you will not get so easily stressed, you will be a lot calmer and much more relaxed, and you will feel ready to deal with anything!.

Download this natural tranquility hypnosis cd today and experience a natural state of relaxation and tranquility which will follow you into all areas of your life! Download FREE naturalhypnosis /l/freehypnosis?l=861255.

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