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Hi, my name’s dan regan, your anxiety management specialist at abolishanxiety and i’d like to say a huge thank you to you for taking the time to listen to my creating calm audio.If you could benefit from feeling calmer, more in control and more relaxed, then this hypnosis audio will really help you because i’ve specifically designed it to help you start creating more calm within the storm of your anxiety and worry.I’m going to help you to start regaining a sense of inner peace and start letting go.

Of all that anxiety and worry so that you can start feeling calmer and more relaxed in your life from today.Now, i’d suggest you listen to this track on a regular basis to get the greatest benefit from it.And, if after you’ve listened you find it helpful, then why not suggest to your friends and colleagues that they also head over to abolishanxiety to grab their very own copy.Before you start listening to this track please make sure you are in a safe and comfortable place where you are unlikely to be disturbed.And, in particular, please don’t listen to.

It whilst driving or operating machinery.And just so you know, if at any stage you wish to emerge from hypnosis before this audio comes to an end, all you need to do is count from one up to five and open your eyes.You can count either out loud or to yourself and on five you will completely emerge from hypnosis.So now let’s get started on helping you to create a wonderful sense of calmness, inner peace and control right now.And being ready to comfortably relax, just make sure you are in a nice, comfortable position so that you can just relax and close your.

Eyes.And with your eyes closed as you just give yourself this opportunity to simply relax, thoughts and sensations of simply relaxing, where there’s nothing to do but do those things you do when there’s nothing to do, but allow yourself to relax deeper and deeper to drift, dream and relax more and more because it’s good to relax, knowing that so many people have found all the calmness, the control, the inner peace, simply because they took this opportunity to relax deeper and deeper now knowing that the more you relax the better.

You’ll feel and the better you feel the more you can relax, now, as you let it unfold at its own rate because i wouldn’t want it to go too fast, easier to simply relax in your own way, at your own speed, more and more as you let all the muscles in the top of your head relax those muscles through the back of your head, through your face, your jaw , relaxing easier and easier, as that comfortable feeling , that calming feeling spreads through your neck, your shoulders and through every part of you, all the way down, relaxing easier.

And easier, more and more.Where you can even start to wonder how good it will feel to relax deeper to have that calmness, to create the calm control that will allow you to feel better and better, and even wondering how you’ll know that you are creating more and more calmness now.As you go inside to a place in your mind where you can relax more completely and more effortlessly as you do these things to be inside, feel most comfortable, so you can take control over exactly how deeply you can relax now,.

Like turning a dial of relaxation in your mind, and as you turn that dial, double that feeling and then double it again as the relaxation deepens more completely and more effortlessly, like a soothing effortless relaxation, now.Being inside, feeling most comfortable and taking control so that whether you relax in colours, thoughts, sensations, whether you simply tell yourself that you are relaxing deeper and deeper or you simply enjoy feeling more and more relaxed.As you do these things, becoming ten times more relaxed, because knowing how good it will feel to be calm, confident and in control,.

To feel happier and stronger every day, means you can relax to just that right level where you can focus your mind, where you can programme your mind to have these things, to be calm, confident and in control and only becoming as relaxed as feels good to you, knowing how good it will feel to have these things now.As you relax more and more, because even as you wonder how deeply you can relax now as you listen to me, the sound of the music, where you can notice all the thoughts that wander through your awareness, wherever they.

May drift and dream and wander, and even as you wonder where your thoughts may wander as you notice those things you can notice noticing all the things, all the things, slowing down, calming down, relaxing deeper down and down through every thought, because the more you notice noticing those things the deeper you can relax now.To feel most comfortable, relax more deeply, to take control and double that feeling, where any sounds, thoughts, sensations simply take you more and more comfortably inside.Where even the effort of thinking about the position of your body, becomes too much effort.

To even think about, easier to simply relax, so that in a moment, as i’ll count down from five down to zero, with every number, becoming 10 times more relaxed now.Because at five, ten times more relaxed, as you let any stresses, the strains, the worries, the issues and all those other things you no longer need to even think about, now as they drift from your mind, from your body, out of the room, out of the building, floating like colourful balloons into the blue sky, and as you watch them rise, caught on the.

Sound of the breeze and just feel as they drift further and further into the distance, becoming smaller and darker, smaller and darker until they’re no more than tiny specks in the distance that disappear into nothingness now, until you could try in vain and realise you can no longer even see them, as you relax to allow this space in your mind, the lightness, the brightness, the clarity where you can have all the calmness, the confidence, the control, becoming stronger and happier every day, with all the selfbelief and success,.

As you relax all the way down to four, ten times more relaxed, like a pebble dropping in the water, as the ripples return to calm and that pebble, sinking deeper and deeper on its journey.All the way down as you notice where in your body you feel the most relaxed, and from that point as the rest of you catches up and goes even deeper now, down to 3.Where it’s like being outside on a wonderful sunny day, taking the time to pause, breath, a moment of peace, where there’s nothing to.

Do but do those things you do when there’s nothing to do but watch clouds drift through a blue sky, the sound of the birds in the tress, leaves rustle on a gentle breeze, as you just enjoy the lightness, the brightness, the warmth, a sense of calm comfort that grows and spreads and wraps around every part of you like a blanket of calmness, and even as you enjoy that feeling more and more, you can absorb that calmness inside, like ink into paper or water into a sponge, into every part of you the ripples of relaxation,.

Deeper and stronger the current of calmness that flows like a river into every cell relaxing and through every muscle softening and relaxing more and more, as you double that feeling now, as that calmness soaks through your mind, into every thought, bathed in calmness, where every thought, slowing down, calming down, as you relax deeper and deeper, in this place of comfort where you can relax so completely, like centering your mind and centering your body, to enjoy how good it feels to relax so deeply.Now all the way down to two, ten times more relaxed.

To be in this place in your mind where you can absorb, strengthen and enjoy even more calmness, like being in the control centre of your mind, that place where you can programme your mind from today to have all the confidence, calmness and control, where you can have all the selfbelief, the selfworth, knowing that whatever happens you,ll handle it and be ok because you are calm, confident and in control now.So it’s like looking in the mirror in your mind’s eye and seeing the reflection of who you really are, the real you, calm, confident, happy you who can handle challenges positively,.

Achieve goals and living life with a natural sense of calm control in your thoughts, in your actions, in your reactions, and as you look at that you’ in your posture, the expression on your face, in the way you move and breath and act and react, always calm, always confident and in control, knowing that this is who you really are, as you take this image and make it bigger, brighter, bolder and stronger, locked in your mind, to see in this way, hear in this way, feel in this way, from today, more calmness, more inner strength, more relaxed.

And confident, the success.As you relax down to one, where you could even imagine how good it would feel to become ten times more relaxed now, the thoughts and sensations of relaxing so wonderfully, in your breathing, through your muscles, being ten times more relaxed, now, double that feeling and double it again as zero approaches and only going in and through zero when you’re ready to have the calmness, the inner strength and the control over your thoughts and reactions, having the selfbelief, the confidence as you go in and through zero, all the way down, deeper and deeper.A place in your mind where.

You can simply relax.With the colours, sounds, sensations of calmness, the lightness, the brightness and the clarity of calmness, in this place in your mind where you can create the positive momentum of calmness that will allow you to feel better and better from today.Because even as you relax even deeper you can open your mind to being the real you, calm, confident and in control, as you just start to imagine a place in your mind where you can enjoy creating complete calm, a wonderful place of calmness, whether it’s a place you’ve been, a place you’ve seen or just imagine.

Being in the most wonderful scene of calmness in your mind, a place where you can feel totally calm, relaxed and comfortable, having this place however, wherever and whenever you want it to be.Because being in this scene of calmness, you can notice everything you can see through your own eyes, all the sounds you can hear and just enjoy that growing feeling of calmness, of being safe and secure, that comes from being in this place, feeling peaceful, calm and comfortable, as you notice the sights, the colours, the shades of light, sounds nearby and sounds further away, where you can just.

Bathe in that calmness, taking the time to make those adjustments that create even more wonderful, deeper feelings of calmness, comfort and contentment within.As you make everything you see bolder, brighter and more colourful, the sounds clearer as that feeling of calm control gets stronger and stronger, where you can double it and then double it again so that everything bigger, brighter, crisper and stronger, feeling more at ease, more at peace, as you take the time to enjoy feeling calm and in control now, having all the calm control that you could ever need, want or even imagine, flowing deep.

Inside right now, knowing that any time you choose you can be in this wonderful place of peace, comfort and relaxation, as you double that feeling.Making all the colours brighter and richer, the sounds crisper and smoother as that feeling of calmness grows and multiplies into every part of you, and even as you wonder how good it would feel to have even deeper calm control flowing within.And as you notice where in your body you feel that feeling of calm control the strongest, so at that point giving it the colour of calmness and then spreading that colour into every.

Part of you from the top of your head to the tips of your toes and back again, from left to right and back again from the surface of your skin to your very core, as you double the brightness of that colour and then double it again, really magnify and amplify that calmness, expand it inside, in colours, thoughts, sensations or just knowing you can increase that feeling right now so that it even grows and spreads and wraps all around you like a shield of calmness within which you’re safe, calm, protected, as you strengthen that shield.

And strengthen it again, having all the calm control you could ever need, want or imagine, right now.As that calmness soaks through your mind, cleansing, energising, refreshing, into every thought bathed in calm control, in images, in words, in knowing that you are calm, confident and in control, the lightness, the brightness, feeling happier and stronger every day.Automatically absorbed in the deepest level of calmness, even as you wonder what it would be like to feel calmer, stronger and more in control every day, in every situation, with this calmness in place in just the right.

Way for you, already anticipating having more calmness, confidence, happiness, feeling better and better, the possibilities, the opportunities.Where you can imagine living your life from today feeling calm, confident and in control, having all the selfbelief and inner strength, in all those moments, there in your posture, your breathing, in the way you walk, in the way you talk to others, in the positive things you say to yourself, being the real you, how you can handle whatever comes your way, deal with it and move on knowing you’re ok, having.

The freedom to succeed, knowing this is who you really are, deserving all the enjoyment, happiness and fulfilment through the days, weeks, years.From now into the future, locked in your mind, so that every night as you sleep your calm control gets ten times stronger, locked in place.So that in a moment, as i count up from one to five, at five you’ll open your eyes, smile and stretch as you keep just that level of calmness and relaxation that is right for you right now.Because at one you can feel a little bit less.

Sleep Hypnosis For Pain Management With Relaxing Binaural Music FREE MP3 Download

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