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Self Hypnosis For Procrastination

Welcome to this Catalyst for clean and tidy.For best results listen everyday for 7 days, then repeat as necessary for reenforcement.We will now begin. Be sure you can safely give this audio your full attention, and haveconsulted a healthcare professional. Before going into that state of focussed attentionon my voice, move yourself to get nice and comfortable, with your arms by your sides,and legs uncrossed. Don’t go into that altered state of consciousness just yet, make surethat you won’t be interrupted during our session. And when you do begin to become relaxedyet focussed, gently take a few deep, slow, soothing breaths, and allow your eyes to gentlyclose as you turn your mental focus now, inside.

And you gently concentrate on your calm breathingnow, as you hear my voice, in the centre of your head.Now, I will explain the catalyst installation procedure. First, your mind and body are gentlyguided into a suggestive state of consciousness, and your mind is primed to following basicinstructions, and just act. Next, you are assisted to imagine the Hallway of Distortion,followed by the Chair of Ultimate Comfort, from which you may be offered some words ofwisdom from the caring, wise old man because it will stimulate your subconscious mind,and the installation will commence, creating new neural pathways within your physical brain.You will be awake and aware during this process

Now, let’s get started on this enjoyable andcalming process. You will hear a count backwards from 5 through to 0, and as you hear eachnumber, open your eyes, looking at that spot, and inhale deeply. Then, when you exhale,gently allow your eyes to close. Let’s begin. 5. eyes open, inhale, and then slowly exhale,eyes closing, relaxing your body 4. eyes open, inhale, and then slowly exhale,eyes closing, rolling back into your head 3. eyes open, inhale, and then slowly exhale,eyes closing, turning your focus inside 2. eyes open, inhale, and then slowly exhale,eyes closing, whole body relaxing down 1. eyes open, inhale, and then slowly exhale,eyes closing, and the last time now

0. eyes open, inhale, and then slowly exhale,eyes closing, and relax down **deep** inside now, and imagine or visualise before you,a large, shiny door and you reach forward and press your hand againstthe cool, solid wall panel, the door glides smoothly out of the way **whoosh**.And in front of you now: A new room, a safe, dark, mysterious hallway, with no walls orceiling, with steps lit up on the floor to guide your way. **please now enter the hallwayof distortion** Inside here is where you need to go, and when you do, my voice will go withyou as will mine and feeling excited and happy, you act now, and enter this hallway.At first, you many notice how calm and peaceful

this hallway makes you feel, or you may notice,that if you look closely at the darkness around you you realise it shows a delicate matrixof interconnected nodes, all brilliantly coloured, so many of them there seems to bemore then the stars in the sky, and they seem, so brilliantly complex, pulsing, powerful,delicate, it seems to be always growing, in action, adding, like netting of changing colourand secret knowledge, the universe spanning out forever here, inside your mind. Now istime to travel down the hallway And you find yourself slowly and calmly walkingdown, with the steps lit up before you, enjoying the calm comfort of this secret place, walkingslowly towards something, up ahead, coming

up on your side you see a magnificent window,lit up, with a scene beyond, and as you reach the window, you stop and through there isa beautiful scene with fresh grass, children and animals playing, a tall tree, standinggraceful and protective over them all, the sun high in the sky, the day bright and happyin the middle of a beautiful Summer. And you draw your focus away from the viewthrough the window now, which means instead focusing inside, along that lit up path, asyou walk calmly down the hallway now, following the steps so carefully laid out in front ofyou, you can’t miss them, already under your feet, just need to act, automatic movement,and up ahead, again on the same side, a second

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