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Nlp Hypnosis Addiction

48 Nerve Damage Morphine Addiction Gone Faster EFT

The most amazing thing i've ever had happen in my life and really we all have amazing things but the this is a situation that i have been dealing with, and dealing with it very terrible pain that occurred from a happening in my life where, what was it sherrie 1998 they damaged that major nerve.1998 i end up going in for a angiogram, after being treated by physician for in ear infection and i went in a in orlando.If you guys are ever in orlando and you need to go to , that's a topflight.

Place.We were very blessed that they come up with what they call a crises radiologist, but they discovered that i had a a blood clot in my right vertebral artery and they had to go back up my groin and bust the blood clot, then they went back up it again in put in a stent, due to the condition of the right vertebral artery.The left one was gone and it's just something that happens to people.But anyway i was just sitting there and, just feeling this awful knot in my groin and.

Since this happened.They have, invaded my brain like 12 or 13 times, so if i say something crazy, or i'm doing something crazy you understand, it is a situation from having your brain invaded and it has made a big difference by robert very capably set me down and we went through the tapping method.And.Hey folks i'm not i'm not lying to you, robert quit and he says how's the pain and it's gone! and this is after four or five years.I was treated oneyear, a couple years ago, for.

I was on morphine and spent a month in the trying to get off of it.And now my groin, the pain has gone the burning has gone and i haven't smoked a cigarette since last tuesday afternoon about 2 o'clock! i've never been happier in my life and i feel like, thanks to our friend here, he was very capable, i was very much at ease with him and i feel very fortunate, very blessed to have crossed paths with with robert.Thank you.I've watched paul and his suffering and we almost lost him a couple years ago.

Because the morphine that they were giving him had shut down his system his colon and he was severely obstructed and then they put him on this patch that is, i guess, very addictive and the va veterans administration s are just he got special permission to to use the patch, because they said once this nerve is damaged it cannot be repaired, it will not heal itself.And yet he's pain free now! he's suffered from a terrific amount of burning and it's just been a miracle, an absolute miracle.

20 Releasing Back Pain Fast Faster EFT NLP Hypnosis

And you hurt your back.Ain't that right and when you came up, did you have any back pain when you came up ummm.No, i mean, it's so much better than it was, do you have pain now little bit.Right.Zero no pain.Ten high pain.How strong well, i mean, i've got a lot of pain pills in me, but it's about 4 or 5.Alright.Do you remember how bad it was a 4 or 5 now.Yeah.Right.Let's go back.To 4 or 5 when it was really strong.

Do you remember how strong it was oh yeah.Oh yeah.Do you believe her alright.How bad was it about a 15.It was really bad.And what did it feel like sharp pain, dull pain, pressure, where is it all of that.Just pick out one.One that you remember.Notice what it felt like.The pain.Whatever it was.Well, i mean, the more we talk, the worse it's getting.Don't tap on your.Don't tap on youself.Okay it's coming back to me.

um.It just.Well, i know what i say, it felt like a mule had kicked me.Alright.And i had been kicked by a mule, so i know what that feels like.Okay.Alright.Now, now she's using her emotional references isn't she alright.You remember being kicked by a mule uh huh.How old were you 8 or 9 or something 8 or 9 years old.Alright.Alright.Thats my sister.Okay.Alright.No, not that mule.Laughter just kidding.Alright.Alright.Now, let's think about it.

Let's go back when you were 8 or 9 years old and you're a little girl.And you remember how it felt when you got kicked oh yeah.And, and it hurt oh yeah.And you remember how it hurt how bad that pain was can you remember what it feels like alright.Notice she still has the emotions the sensations the feelings, right there.Say i release and let it go.I release and let it go all the pain.All the pain.All the feelings of no control.All the feelings of no control.

All that feeling, being kicked in the back.All that feeling, being kicked in the back.You never know who's gonna kick you.You never know who's gonna kick you.Who's gonna get you from behind.Who's gonna get you from behind.I release and let go of that pain.I release and let go of that pain.It's safe now.It's safe now.Deep breath.Inhales exhales peace.Peace.Alright, now, remember when you was a little girl and you got kicked from behind.

Can you still remember that feeling, that it felt like uh.Huh.Alright.What did it feel like it hurt.Alright.That hurt.That pain let it go.Let it go.Let it go.Inhales exhales peace.Peace.Remember the pain.See if you can still remember that pain.It's better.Any pain at all no, i can still feel something.Alright, notice what you feel it at.Got it uh huh.Release and let it go.Release and let it go.That memory.Those sensations.That memory.Those sensations.

The hurt.The betrayal.The anger.The hurt.The betrayal.The anger.Let it go.Alright.Remember you got kicked from behind any emotions it feels a lot better.Any pain at all little bit.Alright.How do you know cause i feel it.Can you feel it now back then we're talking about when you were a child.Oh, back then.No, it's gone back then.I was into now.Okay.Good.Alright so, and also when you moved, it was like a 15 pain.

When you was moving that tv.And i want you to remember how strong that feeling was.And feel that 15 pain again, if you can.Can you no.It's faded away.Yeah.I release and let go of the pain.I release and let go of the pain.That feeling that no one supports me.That feeling that no one supports me.You never know when they're gonna get you from behind.You never know when they're gonna get you from behind.They never support me.They never support me.

I have to do it all by myself.I have to do it all by myself.It's safe to let it go now.It's safe to let it go now.It's safe.It's safe.Deep breath.Inhales exhales.Peace peace.Alright.Remember that 15 pain.Go back to it and that pain, is it still there no.Alright.How's your pain level now it's gone.Okay.It was a 4 or a 5 wasn't it right.Alright.It actually, the longer we talked, the worse it got.

That's because,.That's because i had you go back to.Yeah.So it went up to a 7 or 8.And then, you notice, guys, those of you who are in the training course, you notice how she did this.She had emotional references of being kicked from behind.And we went back to that and we cleaned that up and then i said, alright now what about the pain when you moved the tv while she started talking about it, the pain right up to a 15 right now, by thinking.

So, what does that mean it's more emotional than physical.So then we started releasing the emotions and, all of a sudden her pain, now, disappeared.That's very powerful to understand.That we create our own pains.Again, if we hold memories inside, the unconscious mind says okay, fine, we'll store it where you know to keep it at.Right back here, right here, right here, right here.Wherever you store your pain the mind will say we'll put the emotions right back here, and also, we address the emotional issues with, with what.

Relationships.All pain, all of our hurts start with somebody else.And the emotions we give to that experince.That's why it's so important to go back to your past and forgive yourself and whatever you hold inside.Make sense sure.So, is the pain gone then yes.And then the issue with your daughter, how does that seem seems okay.Alright.Well, give her a hand.Applause thank you.On your hand..Versus starting here.Class.Basically, the key is identifying and addressing whatever it is you produce inside.

Sometimes i'll use this and sometimes i'll just go ahead and catch you in the state.That's what i do.So, and of course, i don't know anything about carol.Everything, what she brought up, here.And so i use a lot of words because i don't know exactly what's in there.I can listen to what she says and i can kinda identify certain emotions.But when you have this feeling, you don't have to say a whole lot.All you have to do it feel it.This feeling, right here, let it go.Let it go.Let it go.Let it go.

And doublecheck and see if it's gone.You're always addressing what you don't want.The pain, the hurt.Now guys i wanna help you undertsand something.What you don't want, is your master.What is, notice, why would you not go back in there because you don't want it.And the crazy thing is, the more you have this stuff in there, the more it attracts.And, of course, carol's problem was based on past experiences.The back pain was.The emotional references she has with her daughter and the crazy part is, we train our daughters to have our stuff.

NLP TRAINING How To Stop Emotional Eating Binge Eating And Food Addictions

Nlp training how to stop emotional eating binge eating and food addictions,To discover more about how to heal influence and persuade visitnlppoweryt and receive my free course the forbidden secrets of. Eliminating a compulsionaddiction fast with nlp steve andreas,Get the full dvd jmpfcmeb steve andreas demonstrates the compulsion blowout method developed by richard bandler to resolve a womans. The nlp view dr richard gray discusses nlp and addictions,Addiction is a catchall term for a complex behavioural disorder that is typically characterized by the inability to stop the repetitive behaviour in spite of the.

Sexual addiction nlp hypnotherapy to overcome sex addiction sex dependency,Enjoy the free treatment session at freehypnosisevent and please do share this video with everyone you know and if you. Hypnosis for overcoming alcoholism stopping problem drinking,Download this track smichaelsealeydpdcartcartaddproductid107690methodid113668 sleep hypnosis special collection. End sugar addiction with mindworks hypnosis nlp,Mindworkshypnosis what if you could change how you feel about sugar and sweets what if you could become indifferent to chocolate.

Quit smoking smoking cessation stop smoking nicotine addiction nlp hypnotherapy,Enjoy the free treatment session at freehypnosisevent and please do share this video with everyone you know and if you.

Drug addiction chemical narcotics dependency overcome it with nlp hypnotherapy,Enjoy the free treatment session at freehypnosisevent and please do share this video with everyone you know and if you.

NLP How I Stopped Drinking Alcohol Using NLP And Hypnotherapy Testimonial For Abby Eagle

Nlp how i stopped drinking alcohol using nlp and hypnotherapy testimonial for abby eagle,How to stop drinking alcohol whether that be beer wine or spirits it does not matter too much how much someone drinks or how long they have had the. Training nlp with tony robbins,Morenlp interested in nlp training get the best free training with the best trainers tony robbins drcloe madanes whats your first step. End gambling addiction amplifyu coaching,Want to go beyond hypnosis and start creating positive change in every part of your life join our facebook community for fresh tutorials audios and.

Anchoring nlp technique,Free emotional first aid on tap ebook walkingtallhypnotherapy life changing book 153 pages with an easy to learn and apply technique. Free from cocaine addiction with birmingham nlp,Free from cocaine addiction with birmingham addictions expert debbie williams helpdebbiewilliamsassociatesc more help for cocaine abuse.

Nlp technique submodalities like to dislike part 12,For more information on nlp world training products nlpworld how to remove a chocolate addiction using the nlp technique of. Ex stoners reveals how to quit smoking weed in under an hour quit smoking weed,The whiteout technique is one of my favorite nlp techniques it helps eliminating any habits or cravings if you smoke marijuana eat too much dont like. How quit smoking hypnosis nlp work,Learn what makes the smoking addiction so difficult to break and how it can be broken with the aid of hypnosis nlp alan b densky ch presents this timely.

Sleep Hypnosis For Addiction Or Relapse Prevention

Sleep hypnosis for addiction or relapse prevention,What you have to say here is very important there are many reading this right now who will need more help than just this tutorial where are you now. Quit smoking cold turkey best tips and techniques by richard brandler,Nlplifetraining if you want quit smoking for good there are many different techniques you can use to help you get over the addiction but which is. 1 hour sleep hypnosis higher self healing for depression anxiety,Download this track smichaelsealeydpdcartcartaddproductid94237methodid98819 my itunes tracks.

Eliminating a compulsionaddiction fast with nlp steve andreas,Great stuff. Sugar addiction end the need for sugar sweets processed food eat naturally,Fitness accelerator sgumroada780547187dfclf once you get over your sugar cravings youll become much healthier listening to this will help. Gambling addiction gambling dependency how to over come cure it with nlp hypnotherapy,Enjoy the free treatment session at freehypnosisevent and please do share this video with everyone you know and if you.

Nlp to quit marijuana addiction how to stop smoking weed,This technique will enable you quit habit that you want to adapt and make it part of who you are by using the emotions of a habit you already are passionate. Cumbria hypnosis nlp habit change ,Cumbriahypnosis nlp and hypnotherapy for habit change hypnotherapist and life coach david faratian helps treat weight loss anxiety stress. Laughing cocaine testimonial 4 birmingham nlp,Cocaine testimonial for birmingham nlp hypnotherapist debbie williams hear gavin talk about his changes after he bursts out laughing cocaine addiction.

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