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Derren Brown Learn How To Hypnotize Someone with Mind Control 5of10

Gtgt derren there’s something else about chris and i’m aware he’ll probably be listening to this at some point but in the nicest way, but there was something so responsive and just sort of open about him, in the sense of what i needed to get the suggest because suggestible people come in all shapes and forms.Gtgt iain i think the key is the openness.We went out for a drink with him, and it really felt like he just what’s the word gtgt derren got drunk.

Gtgt iain he’s a very soft and lovely character.Gtgt derren yeah.Well, it does, i think it absolutely ties in with very attractive personality traits.Because normally, people that are suggestible are naturally very open, so they are responsive.And people responding to us are things that we really warm to in people.We don’t normally respond to people who feel more detached or more cynical and so on.You and i became good friends, we should point out, because you were in the sance program.Gtgt iain absolutely.Gtgt derren by the very nature of you being in that and all the stuff that went through,.

Learn How To Hypnotize Someone using Mind Control Derren Brown

Make people go along with anything using hypnosis now we are going to examine what hypnosis can actually do how far will people go while in a trance are they genuinely under some influence or just playing along we are going to find out with the help of a classic test from the 1950’s and to help me with it is zoltan dearness from sussex university a leading expert in the field of hypnosis and it’s impact on the subconscious now the question is could we make a person do something antisocial or dangerous because we give them a hypnotic.

Suggestion and this is the test for that the acid test in fact this chamber contains a foil wrapped manikin head over which a technician will our highly dangerous hydrochloric acid my 4 candidates are kitted out with safety gear and a beaker i’m going to ask them to throw acid in someones face this exercise will show whether hypnosis can make you do things you wouldn’t do if you were just playing along if the subject is playing along he won’t throw the acid and he certainly won’t carry out an assassination sleep you can stand a.

Sleep quite comfortably that’s good sleep that’s lovely and sleep you can stand and sleep quite comfortably excellent very good in a little while when you have woken up we are going to put some hydrochloric acid in each one of those beakers in front of you is an individual a volunteer from the audience who we are going to call your target and when you are awake after a little while you will see a blue and white polka dot handkerchief as soon as you see the polkadot handkerchief blue with white polkadots you will throw.

Your beaker of acid in to the face of the targets stood opposite you if that makes sense to you i want you to nod your head if you understand that if if makes sense excellent good without the candidates knowledge we’ve switched the acid for water and now they are awoken eyes open wide awake thank you lawrence if you can please take some of the acid and give them a dose in their beaker excellent good excellent so professor so how long have you been working in this industry field for i went to sydney in the mid 80’s when i was.

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Gtgt derren hello, this is your friendly local mind reader, derren brown.Gtgt iain and iain sharkey.Gtgt derren iain sharkey, who is my cowriter, and we wrote this show together with the help of our production team, but we were kind of i suppose the gtgt iain the brains behind it.Gtgt derren the brains behind it.Well, i’m the brain behind it you’re the beard behind it.That’s me, that’s derren brown from the tv, looking rather tanned and made up.This is the first of four bafta awardwinning episodes.

Gtgt iain and can i say rts awardwinning.Gtgt derren and rts award, yes.That one won a few awards.That’s neither here nor there.It’s not about the number of awards you’ve won for this.Two.Yeah, this came from a few sources, the principle one of which was a documentary about this guy here, sirhan sirhan, who assassinated bobby kennedy, who you can see there.He claimed that he had been brainwashed by the cia.So it’s got an interesting premise as to whether or not that is even possible, or whether it’s just simply nonsense.There he is now, looking much older.

He’s been in prison for a long time, and still of course maintaining that he was essentially brainwashed, that he was hypnotized to do this.Which is an extraordinary story.You’ve seen the tutorial as well, haven’t you gtgt iain absolutely, and i think for me we’ve talked about hypnosis a lot over the years, and always that question that crops up, and you see it crop up online as well, is can you get someone to kill under hypnosis and that was the basis for this.Why i think i.

Like this one so much is we went into it genuinely not knowing what was going to happen.It was sort of an exploration of that as a concept.Gtgt derren there’s stephen.Gtgt iain i was going to say, i did think it was robbie coltrane, with that laughs nice silhouette.Gtgt derren the assassin.And there i am again.Yeah, obviously i’ve hypnotized people for many years, and the point of this really the first section in particular was to look and see what hypnosis could actually do.We set up a few experiments in a studio with.

How To Hypnotize Your Children EXTREME LOVE

Lisa machenberg i hypnotise my children and my husband to do things for my benefit all the time.Lisa machenberg now just listen to my voice and picture the beautiful gold and yellow light radiating all around you.Comm mum of three, lisa machenberg, has hypnotised over a thousand children over her twentythree year career.Lisa machenberg hypnoparenting is a natural marriage between hypnosis and parenting.I hypnotise my children and my husband to do things for my benefit all the time.We have a household to run, many times i exert influence.

So that my children are able to get their chores done so that this house runs efficiently.Jake ney it can get a little crazy when she tries to hypnotise us at every single possible situation that she can.It can get like a little overbearing, you know, she kinda can try to, you know, get into your head.It can get like a little crazy and she’ll use like a very soothing voice.Bryan ney i see no downside to having lisa hypnotise family members, but maybe that’s because she’s hypnotised me to think so.

Lisa hey, good morning everybody, how are you comm clients pay $125 an hour, and as well as addressing the children’s varying needs, she also teaches parents to hypnotise their own kids.Lisa machenberg we’re gonna learn formal hypnosis.Libia, what you would like is to use hypnosis to hypnotise your son, so he’ll have the love and the passion for basketball once again.We’re gonna use hypnosis for you to detach and we’re gonna use hypnosis for her to continue to do her personal best.Let me teach you all how to hypnotise your kid without your kid even knowing! all children.

Are hyper suggestible to their parents between 0 and about 9 or 10 years of age.So the first step in hypnoparenting is teaching each and every parent how to hypnotise him or herself, once you’re calm in any parenting situation, you can teach your children containment.Libia londono you’re never off with parenting you, you’re 247.Having these tools makes it so much easier.You don’t want to be in war with your family.Abigail aguilera it is controversial.I have parents that ask me, don’t you feel like you are manipulating people or you are manipulating.

Your children.It’s actually not, i am helping them be more assertive, be stronger.Jenevie corral lisa hypnotises me to make me brave.I was crying a lot in school, i didn’t want to go to school so i, i wanted to tell my mom, mommy, mommy i wanna go home, i wanna go home.Lisa now just listen to my voice and picture the beautiful gold and yellow light radiating all around you.Jenevie so i got hypnotised and now i love school so much.Lisa how do you feel now do you feel brave.

Happy and brave anthony white like, like when she’s saying it, it feels, feels like it’s actually happening.Lisa machenberg take a deep breath and exhale all your nervousness and watch as you see yourself dribbling like the best basketball star you’ve ever seen and you can watch yourself dribbling.And you are dribbling like never before, you can picture it, and you can picture it, it makes you smile! rayna ney i have picked up a couple of hypnosis techniques.There is this one teacher i really didn’t like at my school and he gave me.

A very bad grade on a test that would’ve brought my grade down to a b’ from an a’.So i went to talk to him and when i did, i made sure my hand was close to his arm and i said, you will raise my grade! max ney as far as like getting into college, it helped me, you know, talk to teachers, get them to write like really good letters of rec for me.I feel like we definitely do have an advantage, but it’s not like you’re.

Using some sort of magic to like overpower people’s wills.Comm lisa shrugs off criticism of her methods.Lisa machenberg if someone says to me, it is unethical to manipulate a child by using hypnosis to take control of the child’s mind.I’ll ask, when you parent your child, tell me about what you do is it effective is it working is it kind rayna ney isn’t everyone manipulated by their parents when they’re growing up if you grow up with really supportive parents, they are going to inadvertently influence most of your activities.

Derren Brown Learn How To Hypnotize Someone with Mind Control 6of10

Derren in background tutorial so i brought him to a rifle range just outside london to meet gtgt iain can i say, this bit was fantastic.This day was amazing.Gtgt derren yes, this again.This again was a kind of the key to this was to have him just get used to handling a gun.And i was interested to see whether or not, if i hypnotized him to have a better aim, just again what sort of difference that would make.We were all surprised, including that lady there who runs the place, we were all.

Gtgt iain ang.Gtgt derren ang, that’s right.We were all really surprised by the level of improvement that happened.And i think, again, obviously he’s having a go with the gun first, so it’s not like he gets hypnotized, it’s the first time he’s picked up a gun.I was relying on angie’s feelings about it as to how amazing it was, and she was saying, no, he’s gone from somebody who’s only picked up a gun two times or twice, i suppose would be the correct term for that to somebody who’s like they had three weeks of training.She.

Was amazed by it.Because i did think, is it just that he’s had a couple of guns but she was quite adamant that it couldn’t be explained by that.Again, what’s interesting to me is i still don’t believe that hypnosis itself is any kind of special thing.Part of me thinks a lot of people could just get into an ice bath if they were motivated in the right way, and similarly okay, all this looks like weird mumbojumbo stuff in his head and what’s going on there, i don’t believe in hypnosis,.

All these things people say.But actually, it’s nothing.It’s sort of nothing other than just talking to him, and his relaxing and concentrating and listening to what i’m saying.Gtgt iain would you say it’s you being a sort of mediator for his focus, or almost giving him permission to focus more gtgt derren yeah, yeah, perhaps.The point is, what’s interesting is that maybe not everybody, but certainly people that are naturally suggestible, would have within them the potential to go from being a terrible shot to being actually quite a surprisingly good shot, like three.

Weeks of training.So i guess that’s a very good shot.Within a few minutes of this gtgt iain i think when you watch this, it’s very easy to be quite cynical and think, oh, they gave him loads of goes and cut it all together.Gtgt derren no, not at all.This is absolutely going straight out, yeah.Well, otherwise you wouldn’t get angie’s reaction would’ve been very different.Gtgt iain we still have that target pinned up on the wall in the office.Gtgt derren do we.

Gtgt iain yeah.So proud of it.Just unbelievable.Gtgt derren i thought we gave it to chris.Or did we give one of the other ones to chris gtgt iain yeah, he took his better shot.We’ve got his initial in the office.Gtgt derren right, the rubbish one.So we’re setting up triggers here.There’s a few triggers and things involved, and the best analogy for this is we used it in the guilt trip episode of the experiments, which came later.But if you hear a song that you listened to.

When you broke up with somebody and it makes you feel bad when you hear it, that’s sort of a trigger, isn’t it, that that song immediately brings with it an experience.Because you’ve associated it with something very emotional.I’m putting him into this kind of prime marksman state which again, i don’t know anything about shooting.I can’t shoot a gun.I don’t know what i’m talking about.I’m just telling him he’s in his prime marksman state, and then telling him to touch his head.All right,.

I’ve kind of taken advice on what you need to take a gun, in terms of how do i aim and how to relax and everything, but i’m not really giving technical advice.I’m just getting him what he feels is the right state, and that’s enough to do it.So then touching his forehead there becomes a trigger for him, and there’s a few triggers that get involved.The heist was another good example of that, with the color green and that song, things that become associated with emotional states.I was so proud of him here.I think we all.

Were, weren’t we it was quite touching.Gtgt iain yeah, it really was.Gtgt derren just right away, by that again, i needed ang to just confirm to me that it was amazing, because i thought it looks amazing to me, but what do i know gtgt iain i do remember at the end of the day, there was a moment of because this in itself was a sort of minor experiment, just to see if it would work.And like you said, you’d taken the advice and stuff, but i do remember at the end of the day me and you being outside.

The firing range just going, oh my god! dancing around like little girls.It was unbelievable.Gtgt derren i’m trying to look cool on camera.If i did dance around like a girl in the background here, it just wouldn’t have looked the same.Gtgt iain oh, you’d have pulled it off.There you go.Laughs it’s just unbelievable.Did this make you think about hypnosis in sports and stuff i know i went home that night thinking about that world.Gtgt derren yeah, it did.Yeah.It’s been a long time since i engaged with hypnosis this.

Directly.I think the thing is, it just works on some people better than others.Chris is an amazing subject, a great, great person for this.While it’s easy to look at that and go, great, when are you going to hypnotize me, then because i’d like to shoot better, or i’d like to do this.It doesn’t work the same on everybody.You start getting into charlatan areas and false information if you give the impression that it can.So if you can filter out the people that do respond well to it, there’s no reason why not to.

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