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Hypnotize How To

Look into our eyes. we are going to try to hypnotize each other. Let’s talk about that. (theme music) Good Mythical Morning. Boopity boop boop boop! Right off the bat, I’m doing the research thing, ’cause y’all, (clicks tongue). we’ve done some research. Wow.

We’ve never gotten into research so fast. On (research boops) It’s very hasty. hypnosis. Are you interested in entering a trancelike state where the subject I’m asking you and me exhibits heightened focus, concentration Yes. Yes. Yes. and has an enhanced capacity. and response to suggestion? Yes, I would like to be suggested.

Well then you would like to be hypnotized. there’s lots of different ways that you can hypnotize people. You don’t just have to dangle something in front of ’em. In fact, I don’t think that works at all. Well, who are we to say? I don’t know. We don’t know anything. But there are lots of techniques. that we’ve discovered. But we’re gonna do it. It’s never stopped us before. Right. So there’s two general types.

Of hypnosis that we found. one is just i call general hypnosis, or slow hypnosis. Yeah. YOU call it that, huh? Because it’s It’s called slow hypnosis, but it’s what I just think of as hypnosis. Right. It’s typically used in therapy sessions, okay? Yeah or to deal with something Get people to stop smoking. in their past, or some habit, or I don’t know. I’ve never been under.

for that. but there’s also a whole biting your nails. family called speed hypnosis, which I’m also familiar with. I know you are too. It’s more of the stage performant (stammering) hypnotic stuff. (chuckling) Whoa. Stage performant hypnotic stuff. Performance. I think that’s the performant. I made up that word. (Rhett and crew offscreen laughing).

are you hypnotized right now? yes. You’ve been hypnotized to not be able to correctly say things. So you’ve seen it That’s cool. Yeah, my whole life. (laughing) You’ve seen it. There’s a hypnotist on stage, and he gets someone out of the crowd, and he’s like You know, he hypnotizes them and then he’s like,.

hey, dance like an ewok when i say the word ‘bubbles.’ Right. I’ve been there. And then like derderder. and everybody’s laughing at you, Seen that. and then you snap ’em out of it, Right. and they don’t know what happened. They didn’t know they’ve been Ewoked. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Here is a speed hypnosis demonstration.

Tutorial that i found on . it’s done in a living room, not on a stage. But this is gonna serve as inspirasheeon for us. All right. Follow my fingers with your eyes. With your head. Your head gets heavy. Your head drops down. Follow my fingers. Follow my fingers. Whoa, did he hurt him? There he goes. On the count of three, stare at my finger tip.

How To Hypnotize Your Children EXTREME LOVE

Lisa machenberg: i hypnotise my children and my husband to do things for my benefit all the time. LISA MACHENBERG: Now just listen to my voice and picture the beautiful gold and yellow light radiating all around you. COMM: Mum of three, Lisa Machenberg, has hypnotised over a thousand children over her twentythree year career.

Lisa machenberg: hypnoparenting is a natural marriage between hypnosis and parenting. I hypnotise my children and my husband to do things for my benefit all the time. We have a household to run, many times I exert influence so that my children are able to get their chores done so that this house runs efficiently. JAKE NEY: It can get a little crazy when she tries to hypnotise us at every single possible situation that she can. It can get like a.

Little overbearing, you know, she kinda can try to, you know, get into your head. it can get like a little crazy and shell use like a very soothing voice. BRYAN NEY: I see no downside to having Lisa hypnotise family members, but maybe thats because shes hypnotised me to think so. Lisa: Hey, good morning everybody, how are you? COMM: Clients pay $125 an hour, and as well.

As addressing the childrens varying needs, she also teaches parents to hypnotise their own kids. LISA MACHENBERG: Were gonna learn formal hypnosis. Libia, what you would like is to use hypnosis to hypnotise your son, so hell have the love and the passion for basketball once again. Were gonna use hypnosis for you to detach and were gonna use hypnosis for her to continue to do her personal best. Let me teach you all how to hypnotise your kid without your kid even knowing! All children.

Are hyper suggestible to their parents between 0 and about 9 or 10 years of age. so the first step in hypnoparenting is teaching each and every parent how to hypnotise him or herself, once youre calm in any parenting situation, you can teach your children containment. LIBIA LONDONO: Youre never off with parenting you, you’re 24/7. Having these tools makes it so much easier. You dont want to be in war with your family.

Abigail aguilera: it is controversial. i have parents that ask me, Dont you feel like you are manipulating people or you are manipulating your children. Its actually not, I am helping them be more assertive, be stronger. JENEVIE CORRAL: Lisa hypnotises me to make me brave. I was crying a lot in school, I didnt want to go to school so I, I wanted to tell my mom, Mommy, Mommy I wanna go home, I wanna go home.

Lisa: now just listen to my voice and picture the beautiful gold and yellow light radiating all around you. Jenevie: So I got hypnotised and now I love school so much. Lisa: How do you feel now? Do you feel brave? Happy and brave? ANTHONY WHITE: Like, like when shes saying it, it feels, feels like its actually happening.

Lisa machenberg: take a deep breath and exhale all your nervousness and watch as you see yourself dribbling like the best basketball star youve ever seen and you can watch yourself dribbling. And you are dribbling like never before, you can picture it, and you can picture it, it makes you smile! RAYNA NEY: I have picked up a couple of hypnosis techniques. There is this one teacher I really didnt like at my school and he gave me.

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