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Hypnotic Speaking Techniques

Donald Trumps Debates 5 Mental Tricks You Didnt Notice

This might sound crazy, but after watchinghours of footage from the last several months of debates and interviews, I say this withconfidence, Donald Trump is a master persuader. He gets how people make decisions and he speaksin ways that influence people without them even realizing how. So whether you love himor hate him, there’s a lot to learn from his tactics, and if you watch till the end ofthis tutorial, you’ll learn a ton, not just on how to influence other people, but on howyou are influenced yourself. And before we get started, I want to give out a shout outto Scott Adams. He’s been writing about Donald Trump’s persuasion for months and I owe himfor pointing out some of these tactics, so

there’s a link in the description to his blogif you want to check it out. In the meantime let’s start with the double bind. You said in September 30th that ISIS was nota factor. Am I talking, or are you talking, Jeb? I’m talking right now. I’m talking. You can go back. You’re not talking. You interruptedme, Jeb. September 30th, you said it. Are you apologizing, Jeb? No. Am I allowedto finish?

So let’s take a look at this perspective onJeb Bush. Donald said, quot;Are you going to apologize? No,quot; answering for Jeb, so that gives Jeba couple of options. One, he can not say anything, but if he doesn’t say anything, Donald hasalready predicted that he’s not going to apologize for interrupting. Jeb loses, Donald wins.Okay, option 2: He can interrupt Donald again, but Donald has already accused him of beingan interrupter so he looks like a jerk if he continues to do that. Donald wins. Or,he can apologize, in which case, Donald wins again. All of the outs within the frame thatDonald has put on Jeb lead to victory for Donald in this exchange. That is the powerof a double binder. There’s no good option

here. The only way to deal with this if thishappens to you is to create a new frame, which is probably a topic for another tutorial. I don’twant to touch on it here, but let’s look at an example of another great double bind justa few seconds later. Am I allowed to finish? Go ahead, Mr. Trump. Little bit embarrassing there, Donald. Now you’re trying to build up your energy,Jeb, but it’s not working very well. There you go, another great double bind. Donaldhas been taunting Jeb throughout these debates

for having low energy. So, in saying this,what he does is either make Jeb looks like someone who is reacting to Donald’s tauntsas he tries to be more high energy, in which case, Donald wins, or Jeb goes back to lowenergy saying, quot;No, you can’t control me, Donald.quot; But then, Donald just gets the steamrolling in the entire conversation anyway. These frames are constant ways that Donaldwas able to assert power. He doesn’t give people other options, and he’s been doingthis for years. Now, the double bind protects Trump from downside, but how does he get hisideas into your head? His most basic tool is simple repetition.

We need the toughness. We need strength. We need strength. We need tough people. Weneed toughness. We have to be much tougher. We have to bemuch stronger than we’ve been. you’re a tough guy, Jeb, I know. When they called me today they were so apologetic.They called me up this morning, they were so apologetic. When they called me this morning, they wereapologizing. And then, the big granddaddy of all repetition;I have never seen anything like this in my life.

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