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Hypnotic Poison Gift Set

Hi, I’m Camen Lynne welcome to Expert Villageand we’re talking about Hypnotherapy. Today, we have with us Suzy who has very kindly agreedto be a volunteer and demonstrate how we induce the hypnotic state. So, Suzy, what I’d likeyou to do right now is take your right hand and just put it like that, OKay, fingers stiff,great. Just look at that middle finger right here, OKay. As you keep looking at that middlefinger, you’re going to notice that the hand and arm starts to pull towards the face andyou’re just going to allow it to do so. Just in little tiny jerking movements, that’s right.As it pulls towards the face you’ll feel more and more relaxed, and more and more relaxed.Then when it reaches skin contact with the

face, you just allow your eyes to close, that’sright, and just allow it to keep coming to the face, that’s right, and (snap) deep sleep.Very good..

Hypnotic Poison Perfume by Christian Dior Review

Hey everyone, it’s Sarahand today I’ll be reviewing Hypnotic Poison by Christian Dior Now, the title of this fragrance is fitting because it’s absolutely mesmerizing It was released in 1998 and I think it’ll be around for a whilebecause it’s so versitile You can wear this either day or night It’s considered an oriental vanilla fragrance

And some of the notes include apricot, plum, coconut, tuberose, lily of the valley, sandalwood, almond and Brazilian rosewood This feminine perfume is perfectfor any woman Alright everyone, that’s all for today If you want to see more reviewson your favorite products be sure to subscribeto our YouTube channel and be sure to check us out onInstagram, Facebook and Twitter

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