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Worlds Scariest Drug Documentary Exclusive

INTRO PLAYING RYAN DUFFY: Welcome to Bogota, Colombia. We’re here chasing after the most dangerous drug in the world, burundanga. Burundanga is the source of scopolamine, which is basically like the worst roofie you can ever imagine times a million. You’re at the whim of suggestions like, hey, take me.

To your ATM. Hey, come with me to the hotel room while you’re completely conscious and articulate. Apparently there is a lot of different parts of the plant that are a bit dangerous, possibly a bit fun, depending on what you’re into. So we’re going to be looking for the tree, talking to.

People who’ve had experience with it, and seeing if we can find some of the actual drug ourselves. MUSIC PLAYING RYAN DUFFY: So the deal with burundanga is that it pretty much eliminates your free will. So you’re awake and you’re articulate. And to anyone else watching you, it seems like you’re.

Perfectly fine. But you’ve completely lost control of your own actions. So you’re at the whim of suggestions. And that’s how people take advantage of you. I’ve heard a bunch of different stories really running the gamut. Some of them sound like campfire horror stories you’re told when you’re growing up.

Stuff like, waking up in a bathtub with an organ cut out and a sign saying, you have five hours to get to the . We’ve of course also heard that it’s used as a date rape drug. We heard one particularly chilling story where a guy was taken back to his apartment, woke up the next morning in an empty apartment completely confused as to what happened.

Went down and said to his door man, you know, why is my apartment empty? What happened? The doorman said, well, you brought it out with two of your friends last night. All your stuff, you loaded it into a van. And the guy was like, why in the hell would you let me do that?.

And he was like, because you told me to. So that’s kind of the stuff we’re dealing with here, complete elimination of free will while still acting which is pretty much the scariest shit I can imagine. PLAYING MUSIC SPEAKING FOREIGN LANGUAGE RYAN DUFFY: Columbia’s basically fucked.

Learn British accents and dialects Cockney RP Northern and more

Hi. I’m Gill at engvid , and today’s lesson is about accents in the U.K. So, U.K. accents and also dialects. Okay, so what’s the difference between an accent and a dialect? Right. Well, an accent, as you know, is to do with pronunciation, how you pronounce the word. Dialect is when you have a word that only people in a certain area of the country use; it’s not a national word, it’s a local word that maybe people from other parts of the country, they won’t even know what it means, so that’s dialect. Okay. So, let’s.

Just have a look through some of the accents that we have in the U.K. The one that you’re probably learning as you’re learning to pronounce English words is RP. quot;RPquot; stands for quot;Received Pronunciationquot;. It’s a slightly strange term. quot;Receivedquot; where do you receive it from? Well, maybe you receive it from your teacher. This is how to say this word. It’s a slightly strange expression, but RP, it’s usually referred to by the initials. And it’s the kind of accent you will hear if you’re watching BBC Television programs or listening to BBC Radio. Not everybody on the BBC speaks with an RP accent.

The news readers tend to be RP speakers, but not always. But the strange thing is that in this country, only a very small percentage of people do speak with this accent. Apparently, just 3%, but they tend to be people in positions of power, authority, responsibility. They probably earn a lot of money. They live in big houses. You know the idea. So, people like the Prime Minster, at the moment David Cameron, he went to a private school, he went to university, Oxford, so people who have been to Oxford and Cambridge Universities often speak in.

RP, even if they didn’t speak in RP before they went to Oxford or Cambridge, they often change their accent while they are there because of the big influence of their surroundings and the people that they’re meeting. So that’s RP. It’s a very clear accent. So, it’s probably a good idea to either learn to speak English with an RP accent, or you may be learning with an American accent, a Canadian accent, all of those accents are very clear. Okay. And being clear is the most important thing. Okay, so moving on. RP, as I should have said, is mostly in the south of the country; London and the south. So, also quot;Cockneyquot; and quot;Estuary Englishquot; are in the south. Okay. So, Cockney.

Is the local London accent, and it tends to spread further out to places like Kent, Essex, other places like that. Surrey. There’s a newer version of Cockney called quot;Estuary Englishquot;. If you think an estuary is connected to a river, so the River Thames which flows across the country, goes quite a long way west. So anyone living along the estuary, near the river can possibly have this accent as well. So, just to give you some examples, then, of the Cockney accent, there are different features. So, one example is the quot;thquot; sound, as you know to make a quot;thquot; sound, some of you may find it difficult anyway, quot;thequot;, when you put your tongue through your teeth, quot;thequot;,.

But a Cockney person may not use the quot;thequot;, they will use an quot;fquot; sound or a quot;vquot; sound instead, so the word quot;thinkquot;, quot;I thinkquot;, they would say would say instead of: quot;thinkquot;, they would say it like that: quot;finkquot;, quot;finkquot;, and the top teeth are on the bottom lip, quot;thinkquot;. And words like quot;withquot; that end with the quot;thquot;, instead of quot;withquot;, it will be quot;wivquot;, quot;wivquot;, quot;wivquot;. quot;Are you coming wiv me?quot; So that is one of the things that happens with the Cockney accent. Words like quot;togetherquot; would be quot;togeverquot;. Okay? The number quot;threequot;, three is often pronounced.

quot;freequot;: quot;We have free people coming to dinner. Free people.quot; So, there can be confusion there, because we have the word quot;freequot;, which has a meaning in itself, quot;freequot;, but if you actually mean quot;threequot;, the number three, there can be some confusion. So don’t get confused by quot;free peoplequot;. quot;Oh, they’re free? They’re free to come?quot; quot;No, there are three of them. Three people who are free to come.quot; Ah, okay. Another example, another aspect of Cockney is the glottal stop. Words like quot;computerquot;.

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