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Hypnotherapy Training In Norwich

[Derren Brown Hypnosis Snap Induction]lets move on to looking at the idea of ahypnotic trance what’s your name? John.. John… Up you come John. Happy to meet you! what you do for a living John? [JOHN] IT IT Excellent thanks so much for cominglook at me now, look at your hand, sleep Back you go that’s good you can just let yourself sink right the way down and right the way deep and rite theway sound asleep It looks very impressive is one themost dramatic demonstrations of hypnosis to be able to hypnotize someone like thatits called a hypnotic snap induction

what’s actually happening there is I’minterrupting a an automatic process for John shaking hands is something youdon’t think about it just is automatic process and to interrupt someone in the middle ofsomething is automatic is very kind as confusing and bewilderingfor people it’s throws you completely and at that point you become highlysuggestible because you want relief from the confusion so if induce thatconfusion by interrupting automatic process and then give them

a specific piece of information likesleep NOT everybody but most people will absolutely fine embrace that so what you’veseen might look dramatic but it was achieved through nothing more thanordinary suggestion that would be a little impracticalto do this with all of you so with the rest of you we are going to take itlittle bit more slowly know under the 1952 hypnotism actwe cannot broadcast the complete process of hypnotic induction

in case you the audience at home go underand can’t be brought out close your eyes for me but I canexplain how it’s done and the key to this hypnosis is relaxation andfocus.

Increased self belief and self confidence hypnotherapy in Ely

I originally came to see Dan about two yearsago. I had massive confidence issues over relationship breakups, issues at work, I wasin a very dark place at that time and couldn’t see any way out of where I was.A friend recommended Dan to me so I came for an original session. That session then turnedinto approximately 7 or 8 sessions. Each session I found that I grew stronger confidence , wasmore aware of my surroundings, was finding I could react differently in different situationswhereas previously if a certain situation happened I would react in the same way, inthe same way, in the same negative way. What I found was happening over time was thatDan and my brain were reprogramming themselves

together to think in a different way so theoriginal thought pattern would be changed to one of a completely different thought pattern,a more positive thought pattern. I originally derided hypnotherapy and NLPas what I described to Dan as voodoo magic, I still believe there’s some kind of voodoomagic that goes on. But now it’s something I embrace and its part of my health care regimeof taking care of myself. I take care of my body, I also take care of my brain.And now two years later I still come to Dan. But those selfconfidence issues, those issuesof doubt are completely gone, I now come and see him for my training. So we work on howto train more effectively, how to apply myself

in the gym, how to make every session count.I complete in body building competitions so I find it really useful to create anchor pointsand trigger points to further my training in the gym.I would thoroughly recommend anyone who has any phobias, any confidence issues, paranoia,depression, doubt, selfdoubt to come and see Dan. Without doubt he made a massive differencein my life two years ago. It was a place that I never thought I would ever get out of butthankfully with his help and a little bit of voodoo magic here I am some two years laterhealthy, happy and in a great place in my life so I would thoroughly recommend anyoneto come and see Dan.

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