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Antonio Perez Talks About His Results With The Beyond Self Hypnosis Program

Aloha, its Antonio with hypnosisproductreviews I’m gonna make a real quick tutorial. Recently I have been going through Igor Ledochowski’s quot;Beyond Self Hypnosisquot; program. If you don’t have it grab it. Absolutely amazing program. My visualizations have become insane Like super intense. I’m actually going to make a review. . a review blog post and a tutorial later, but.

For example some of the visualizations are so real that I actually feel like I’m there. So when you close your eyes and you kinda pretend and imagine these things seem absolutely lifelike. Really, really trippy. I’ve had a lot of Deep Trance Identification, its an insane experiences. Today I went through this process known as Future Scope to help the goal setting process known as future scope to help improve my.

Goal setting. One of the goals that I worked on, as I work for a timeshare company, I send all the people into the presentation and while going through the process a real small glimpse at the process is basically looking at like the future progression of your self one part in the process my unconscious basically showed me myself working, and all of a sudden the beard I had.

It disappeared. So I guess I really can’t fight my unconscious Maybe its time after a few months I do need to i don’t really want to shave it but I figure, you know it’ll grow back in a couple of weeks. And by the way Igor, my girlfriend is gonna love you for this. She’s been trying to get me to shave for quite a while now, so if my number views go down i’ll blame it on the Hypnosis Training Academy! But I doubt it, I’m actually feeling really good about this process So, soon you’ll see me with a nice little babyface no beard. So let’s see how it goes!.

I’ll talk to your guys soon. Aloha!.

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