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Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss Kent

Hi my name is Vincent Benedict I run hypnosolution I work from my office in Broadstairs in Kentbut I am also available to visit you at your home,if you are unable to travel. So, How Can I Help You? I am an expert in the field of anxiety disorders,But I am also able to help you with other issues like, Weight Loss, Giving up Smoking,helping you with relationship problems and lotsof other issues and you can read up about them on my website on hypnosolution

If you are not sure if I am the person whocan help you, You can also give me a call on 077 8215 8008 and we can discuss informally how I may beable to help you. If you prefer you can email me at mail@hypnosolution Thank you for listening and I look forwardto meeting you soon, Thank You. Park Ave, Broadstairs, Kent CT10 2XL.

Weight Loss Improves Memory Concentration

Scientists have known for a long time thatindividuals who are overwieght have higher risk for Alztheimers Disease, stroke and justmemory loss. So what we wanted to know, if excess weight causes these problems, can losingweight actually make it better? And lo and behold, we actually found out that it did.So individuals who are going through bariatric surgery or weight loss surgery were able tolose weight as fast, again, they lost about 50 pounds by 12 weeks. And that was associatedwith greater memory improvement, and also improvement in things like problem solving and attention.the original idea for the project came from working with al patients so I’ve hadthe chance to work with individuals who are

looking to lose weight in a lot of differentsettings and what we consistently find is that they tend to make the same type of mentalmistakes over and over. So I’m an ER psychologist, my job is to focus on the type of mental mistakespeople make and as a result I kept seeing the same errors over and over so our thoughtis if this is a consistent pattern, there might be something bigger and better goingon. we’ve had the good fortune to work with a group from Neuropsychiatric Research Institutein Fargo, North Dakota, we’re also working with Columbia and Cornell in New York City.So, all of the patients were actually derived from all of these different sites. So, weare collecting both bariatric surgery patients

or these weight loss surgery patients, andthen also obese controls, so individuals who are similar in terms of medical conditionsor demographic conditions but who aren’t going through the surgery because they provide kindathe most natural comparison to what may happen over time. what we found is that people whowent through weight loss surgery improved on many tests, particularly those includingmemory and concentration. The controls, or the people who didn’t do that, stayed thesame or actually even got worse on some of the tests. So again, arguing that there’ssomething very powerful going on through the weight loss or the surgery itself that’s causingthese changes to occur. The ten billion dollar

question is quot;what causes this change to happen?quot;,quot;is there something we can do to make that happen faster?quot; or for individuals who aretrying to lose weight, to maybe promote their gains, too. We’re in the process of actuallytaking a look right now to see if weight regain modifies these effects or these benefits fromweight loss. So, ultimately what we are finding is that as individuals start to gain someof that weight back, some of the memory problems also seem to come back. Whatever’s going onin obesity to cause braindamage seems to be getting better, that can be fixed, that bylosing weight an individual can actually show significant benefits. The other kind of importantpart of this, it might be another reminder

or motivation for people to lose weight soif they’re looking for that last little bit of motivation to kind of push them over thetop to start a weight loss program, to start exercising or eating better, maybe the thoughtof quot;well maybe my memory can be a little bit betterquot; might be encouraging.

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