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Hypnotizing Josh Duhamel The Late Late Show Audience

Now, i'm very excited about this because i am here, ladies and gentlemen with mr.Richard barker.He's the author of this book secrets of the stage revealed the guy to hypnosis and stage hypnotism.Richard is one of the finest hypnotists working in the world today.Thank you for coming to see us.Cheers and applause it's a joy.Now, how long have you been a hypnotist richard i've been doing this for 20 years.I started doing this in the u.K.As a police officer.James naturally.Did you do it and sleep when.

You wake up you committed the murder because i'm playing golf and back in the room, did you do it guilty.Lock him up.Richard it's easier.James you are going to take some members of our audience tonight and you're going hypnotize them for us later on the show.Richard for your enjoyment, yes.James james and theirs.Let's not make it sound like punishment.Come with me now.Take a look at our audience.What are you looking for in people that you want to hypnotize tonight what are you looking for richard those who are willing.

And wanting to get hypnotized.Must have above level of intelligence.James so that guy's out.Let's start picking up our five.Keep your hand up if you would like to get hypnotized.Raise it higher than that.Don't be shy.Are you friends gtgt yes.James act lifpblgte get your hands up.The lady in the back, she's keen.Richard she would be keen.James come up.Come up.Richard keep your hands up.Ok.This gem with a blue shirt on.James blue shirt.Yeah, come up, blue man.

Applause anyone else richard this lady here in the front just there.James lady here in the front.Cheers and applause richard we'll take one in the back.We'll take one in the back.James tie and braces richard tie and braces.James tie and braces are good.Richard the lady with the glasses.James with the glasses.Richard second row from the back.James yeah, yeah, you with the glasses.You don't have to bring your bag.Brinth, but you know laughter i mean, there's i don't think thieves operate in this area.

Do you want me to look after your big for later big mistake.Cheers and applause good.And sleep.When you wake up you did not bring a bag.You did not have it.Richard, tell me sit about this beautiful group that you seen in them richard fun personality.There's number one right there.Had the desire and ability to want to be hypnotized.The hand showed up immediately.So there will be no distraction thsm one keeps staring at me.Look at him.James i mean, this guy looks like he just he just realized.

That madmen is finished.And he's no longer an extra on it.And this guy because it's the shocking the beautiful blue.Richard we think so.James i make you uncomfortable may not need to hypnotize this one.All right.We'll check in with them at the owned of the show to see howry now, the moment of truth has arrived.All night long hypnotist richard barker has been backstage with a few members of our studio audience and he's been putting them in a hypnotic trance.Josh in the commercial break has also been put in a trance,.

Right, richard richard josh is truly in a trance.James let's see what we've got planned.Richard look at my hand.And sleep, just relax.All the way down.The deeper you go the better you feel.For the person i'm touching now oh, how are you doing, my friend.Keep your eyes closed all the time.Resting, relaxing peacefully.Just for 2 person i'm touching now i want you to realize you are james corden.You are the host of the late late show.You'll take the show for what it's worth.

You've done this 100 times because you are one and truly on three, james corden.Cheers and applause gtgt hello, everybody! nice to see you all tonight! yeah, yeah, yeah! we've got a great show for you tonight, kelly osbourne and josh duhamel.Reggie, are you ready for this he's reggie watts.James who are you gtgt i'm doing my show.Who are you.He's reggie watts and i'm james corden and this is the late late show ! cheers and applause richard eyes open.Take a seat real fast.Take a seat.

Take a see and sleep.The deep you go, the better you feel.Relaxing further and deeper.James he just wept.Sh went can you come back and meet my wife.Richard i can do whatever you want.Have some fun with josh james yes.Richard just for the person i'm touching now i want you to find something unique about your mouth.Your lips are steel tight shufment every time you try to speak your mouth simply won't work.Understand if any questions are asked of you, what is your name.

Or any question you don't know what they are at all.If you do try to open your mouth your lips are seals almost as if they're sewn together.Nod your head if you understand.Josh, welcome back, my friend.James how are you doing good all good laughter tell me a bit about the movie that's coming out.Can you tell me a bit about the movie that you're here to promote have you good what did you do this afternoon maybe your mouth shall i get him a glass.

Richard glass of water.Your lips are stuck back together.Thinking, relaxing james just have a little sip of water and then it will be.Laughter look at the mic.Laughter that feel better what are you doing later what are you doing after this i think he just opened his mouth.Laughter richard just sleep.Just relax.Applause good job.Relaxing all the way down.James what shall we do can we do something with all four of them richard i can make them dance with reggie.I want you to understand you all dance like no one's business.

Understand you can dance like no one's business.When you hear this piece of music you'll immediately dance better than you've ever danced before.You'll feel the music into your lungs, into your mouth, into your legs.Get ready to hear this piece of music.You'll dance like nobody's business taking center stage.One, two, three.Are you ready to have some fun and feel love tonight don't you worry about the time yeah baby the late late show richard relaxed.Keep your eyes closed.James welcome back.

Now josh duhamel is still here.Cheers and applause how did that feel did you feel like you were hypnotized josh when we were backstage i felt completely out.And i don't know if i got i felt i was sort of in it and out of it when i was out here.James you couldn't move your mouth josh i felt like i wanted to do it like i wanted to open my mouth but i really couldn't.James ladies and gentlemen, josh duhamel, what an incredible guest on our show.

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