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Hypnosis To Quit Smoking Pensacola Fl

Hi, I’m Camen Lynne welcome to Expert Villageand we’re talking about Hypnotherapy. Today, we have with us Suzy who has very kindly agreedto be a volunteer and demonstrate how we induce the hypnotic state. So, Suzy, what I’d likeyou to do right now is take your right hand and just put it like that, OKay, fingers stiff,great. Just look at that middle finger right here, OKay. As you keep looking at that middlefinger, you’re going to notice that the hand and arm starts to pull towards the face andyou’re just going to allow it to do so. Just in little tiny jerking movements, that’s right.As it pulls towards the face you’ll feel more and more relaxed, and more and more relaxed.Then when it reaches skin contact with the face, you just allow your eyes to close, that’sright, and just allow it to keep coming to the face, that’s right, and (snap) deep sleep.Very good.

Derren Brown How To Hypnotize Someone Explained

gt;gt; DERREN: Hello, this is your friendly localmind reader, Derren Brown. gt;gt; IAIN: And Iain Sharkey. gt;gt; DERREN: Iain Sharkey, who is my cowriter,and we wrote this show together with the help of our production team, but we were kind ofI suppose the gt;gt; IAIN: The brains behind it. gt;gt; DERREN: The brains behind it. Well, I’mthe brain behind it; you’re the beard behind it. That’s me, that’s Derren Brown from theTV, looking rather tanned and made up. This is the first of four BAFTA Awardwinning episodes.

gt;gt; IAIN: And can I say RTS Awardwinning. gt;gt; DERREN: And RTS Award, yes. That one wona few awards. That’s neither here nor there. It’s not about the number of awards you’vewon for this. Two. Yeah, this came from a few sources, the principle one of which wasa documentary about this guy here, Sirhan Sirhan, who assassinated Bobby Kennedy, whoyou can see there. He claimed that he had been brainwashed by the CIA. So it’s got aninteresting premise as to whether or not that is even possible, or whether it’s just simplynonsense. There he is now, looking much older. He’s been in prison for a long time, and stillof course maintaining that he was essentially brainwashed, that he was hypnotized to dothis. Which is an extraordinary story. You’ve seen the tutorial as well, haven’t you? gt;gt; IAIN: Absolutely, and I think for me we’vetalked about hypnosis a lot over the years, and always that question that crops up, andyou see it crop up online as well, is can you get someone to kill under hypnosis? Andthat was the basis for this. Why I think I like this one so much is we went into it genuinelynot knowing what was going to happen. It was sort of an exploration of that as a concept.

gt;gt; DERREN: There’s Stephen. gt;gt; IAIN: I was going to say, I did think itwas Robbie Coltrane, with that [laughs] nice silhouette. gt;gt; DERREN: The Assassin. And there I am again.Yeah, obviously I’ve hypnotized people for many years, and the point of this really thefirst section in particular was to look and see what hypnosis could actually do. Weset up a few experiments in a studio with an invited audience to look into that. I haveto say, of all the things I’ve done, this episode surprised me the most in terms ofwhat hypnosis could achieve. Here is our unprepared audience. This is filmed in a church, actually,in London, where the London Symphony Orchestra is that where they rehearse? gt;gt; IAIN: I believe so.

gt;gt; DERREN: Yes, that’s right. I’m just demonstratingsome suggestion here. Now, it all looks potentially, I don’t know, quite impressive. What’s essentiallyhappening is people are taking ideas that I give them and turning them into somethingvery real for themselves. And it doesn’t work on everybody; part of the skill, I suppose,if you do this kind of thing, is to know who to do it with. If you’re doing any kind ofhypnosis show, you normally have some sort of test that you give the audience, and thenyou pick the people that respond well to that. Or sometimes you can just tell if people aregoing to respond well, and then if you pick them up and suddenly bark a load of instructionsto them, which is what I just did, it can bypass any skepticism on their part and justget straight to that deeper part of the brain that makes it work. Not that I necessarilythink of it as a deeper part of the brain.

I think the unconscious mind, you can alsoread it. It’s just a gutlevel response. There, when I throw her a ball, she’s so instinctivelygeared to catch the ball that that overrides her conscious attempts to try and pull herhands apart. But she can’t do it when she’s trying, she can’t do it. But a ball flyingat her somehow allows her to do it. The point.

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