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Hypnosis Therapy In Pune

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quot;Another road, another journey Have I ever traveled this way before? Will I ever travel this way again? And where does this road take me? To new horizons? New worlds? To hidden parts of myself? Will I ever get to the source of my pain? Will I ever release my pain? Dry my tears? Let go of my weariness? Feel joy in my life?.

Will I ever beat in tune with my heart? And be at peace with who I am. And now I am here on this blue couch Closing my eyes and looking into my own private worlds .The darkness behind my eyelids. Illuminated through looking within me Nervous yet trusting the person next to me.

Willing to face the Unknown inside of me Hoping that she leads me through the causes of my problems.quot; Why Regression Therapy? Why Regression Therapy? My quest led me here to this therapy room, Eager to learn something about a chance to heal, to evolve Having heard about this particular therapeutic approach .quot;Regression Therapyquot;. Feeling drawn to what I have been hearing It somehow resonates within me.

Making me want to understand more about it Could this be a way for me, another step on my own personal journey? So, what better way to find out than to ask those who have practiced and taught this approach over many years? And hearing from people who have already been clients? The journey took me to Kleve in Germany where a meeting of therapists from all around the world took place. Here I hoped to find out more information, answers for all of my questions PART 1: The Meeting PART 1: The Meeting And so I just waltzed right into the middle of their gathering, the convention of an association of regression therapists named EARTh.

quot;Here is what I learned: EARTh is an association of practicing regression therapists which stretches beyond the boundaries of Europe, where it all began. Regression therapy is a modern form of psychotherapy where the client, with the assistance of the therapist, looks for experiences in their past where their problem has been caused. In discovering, reliving and understanding those causes they are able to find deep and lasting relief. The term quot;pastquot; can mean two weeks ago, twenty years ago, the time we were in the womb, or even two hundred years ago, within a former life.

A substantial number of regression therapists in Europe, and also from all around the world have joined together to form the EARTh association. To facilitate both contact and further training for members, there is the annual EARTh convention. .This is an opportunity to physically meet and talk, where the therapists can attend instructive and experiential workshops, informally exchange experiences, or, get to know each other in a relaxed surrounding. Obviously, there is much to share and to learn from each other. In this colorful and lively environment of very different characters.

I had the chance to meet some selected members of EARTh experienced regression therapists and trainers internationally famous within this field. They will hear and answer my questions connected with the subject quot;regression therapyquot;. Marion Boon is a regression therapist since 2000 and an international trainer for EARTh and active organizer of international events related to the field of regression therapy. The trance is already there. In fact regression therapy is to get them out of trance. They are in the trance of the problem so that’s what we do.quot;.

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