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Hypnosis Tapes Confidence

artery he’ll need to close them count to three speak cases amber credits from the carinstitute against hypnosis before hypnotize you today i would like to have an agreement withhim at progress have a do my best to helpyou improve yourself

and give positive beneficial suggestions everything that i say we’ll have a positive beneficial effecton your mind and you’ll feel refreshed energized more confident and your ability to work endu

and tearing i want you to promise me that you willcooperate with me phony and trust me sure guide and thiswonderful journey of self axle as a shit as that agreeable take a moment to distract when you agree with me equal continue at this recording i’m glad he came back

let’s get started on this excitingjourney self actual i say chetan in a moment who feel very relaxed travesty sleepy not listen to this recording if you weredriving home when operating heavy machinery prophecy place for equal time to preceptallied alan and be totally undisturbed frankourselves

bias to do is listen to the sound ofnine points some quite you may lose track of what i’m saying perfectly okay when that happens justallow yourself to trips too long and let me has this happened what do you sit up straight with your feet flat on the floor if you have to do your legs crossedplease

i’m cross them now etc and i need to focus your i was in mypocket bachche to supply tests ends allowed light fleck back in your eyes to focus all your attention i mean spinning motion feeling your ice skating heavy

Football confidence and motivation hypnotherapy in Ely

Hi there. I came to see Dan about my football.I needed to be more confident, more motivated in order to perform on the pitch. I thinkhe has done an excellent job in helping me. I am a lot more confident. I can go out thereand beat players which is something that I couldn’t do before.My teammates are noticing the difference; my manager is noticing the difference. I canfeel it in myself that I am just generally more confident in life. A lot more confidenton the football field. I am scoring goals left, right and centre, which is somethingthat I haven’t done for years and I really do feel like I can be the best player thatI can be now. I can fulfil my full potential

which is something that I didn’t think I coulddo for maybe five or six years. Dan is great, he really is. Hypnotherapy isbrilliant in my opinion. I think it really can work. You just have to persist with it.Maybe the first session like okay, fine, sort of thing, but second, third, fourth, you reallyget into it and you really do understand that it can help you in any way possible that youwish for it to work. I mean mine was a sporting background so, for me, it was more about confidenceand motivation. If that’s something for you then I do suggest that you do come and seeDan, because he’s brilliant.

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