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Hypnosis Study

So, i now want to present some new data that was funded by the Institute to look at what happens when you hypnotize people in the scanner. So, there was a great deal of work, this was one of the ARRA grants that we got that was very helpful to us in screening 545 subjects to come.

Up with 36 extremely highly hypnotizable individuals, 21 low hypnotizables, and we matched a subgroup of highs to the lows so that we could have an exact fit between the two. And then created a series of tapes that we played for them while they were in the fMRI scanner, so that we could compare four conditions.

We had two hypnotic conditions, a memory of a happy experience, just a positive emotion state, a memory of a vacation, and then we had just a resting state combination, and a memory task to control for the memory aspects of the hypnotic experience.

And there were two kinds of analyses we did of the differences in these states and we had people rate their hypnotic experience in the scanner, they were able to do it, they didn’t find the clanking of the magnet terribly distracting. And what we looked for were between and within group interactions.

So, what happened to high hypnotizables when they were hypnotized that we didn’t see either in them when they were not hypnotized or among low hypnotizables, in the same in the matching conditions. And there were three categories of findings that we had. One is fALFF is a way of computing activity in a.

Specific brain region and what we see here was a significant drop in activity in the dorsal anterior cingulate among the high hypnotizables compared to the lows and among the highs compared to what they had earlier in the nonhypnotic conditions. And here you see a correlation between the degree to which all 36 highs thought they were hypnotized and activity in the.

Dorsal anterior cingulate. And it’s a marked relationship. So, highs drop activity in the ACC when they go into a hypnotic state, and that makes sense. If the ACC is there to tell you what to worry about, what to pay attention to, it makes sense that when you.

Engage in the intense absorption of hypnosis, you’re deciding that you don’t need to worry about all the other things you might be worried about or thinking about. So, it goes consistent with a notion of hypnotic absorption. The second finding had to do with, there are two now, related to functional connectivity,.

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