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Hello, welcome to the OMNI Hypnosis Training Center YouTube channel. My name is Hans, or Hansruedi Wipf, as mostly known over in Switzerland, in America and Brazil I’m known as “Hansâ€�. I’d like to welcome you to this channel that we are building up right know. It’s for you, and if I look at you, you meaning students that we have trained, people interested in hypnosis, hypnotists worldwide. It doesn’t matter if you are a hypnotist, a hypnotherapist, a hypnosis coach, whatever your title is, if hypnosis is an interest to you, this channel might just be yours. We’re not really about street hypnosis, or stage hypnosis, we are about, al medical hypnotherapy. About also our training, the OMNI hypnosis training,.

Our trainers will talk to you, we’ll have very interesting interview partners here with interesting subjects, people who have traveled the world with hypnosis, who have seen the world, who have done a lot of good with hypnosis. We’ll talk about different techniques, different methods, we’ll have controversial interviews, we’ll have fights, not physical fights obviously, we’ll have hypnotic fights. We want to spread the knowledge about hypnosis, how easy it is, we want to demystify hypnosis, we want to make it easily, accessible and acceptable by the general public, we want to diminish that barrier that exists between hypnosis and people seeking help. Be that physical or mental issues, hypnosis can help, and helps.

Very fast, that’s what it’s all about, because we go into the subconscious mind of a person and we help that person solve that problem themselves. I’m sometimes asked how many people have you heal, but I say: quot;I’ve never healed anybody.quot;, I’ve only helped people heal themselves. That’s the beauty about our, about our way of doing work, we don’t give people pills or injections, or we don’t, we don’t them open, we don’t press any points and all, all we do is, we give people resources that they already have, we awake sometimes the giant within, we help them heal themselves. And that’s what’s actually all about. We cannot force people to follow our instructions, they choose to follow, or not to follow it, they.

Don’t lose their free will, they can talk, they can think, they can accept or deny, they can open their eyes, whatever they want to, and walk out of the practice. So hypnosis is probably as old as humanity itself, so if is old as humanity itself, if stone age people already knew that state of hypnosis, my question to you is, quot; Is it really that difficult to learn hypnosis?quot;, quot;No.quot;. Some people may want to make you believe, that it’s difficult, quot;oh my god, you have to be a , a professor, and it’s rocket science.quot;. Guess what, every kid does it, every kid lives in hypnosis most of the time, between the age of 3 or 2, 3, 4, sometimes 5 and 6, so how difficult can it be? It’s not, don’t let.

Anybody tell you the opposite, and our training takes 7 days, 7 days only. You may ask obviously, quot;Is that possible to learn it in 7 days?quot;, and I say yes, because I did it, and hundreds, no thousands of students did that as well. Our students live the classroom and they are successful, at least most of them, who takes it also seriously. I consider success, the success that my students, our students have once they live the OMNI training, and they are our business card out there, so the better our students, the better our success as a hypnosis institute. We’re also the first company worldwide to get ISO 9001 certified, and not only our training but our hypnotherapy process is ISO 9001 certified. Hey we’re the first.

Ones, we’re pioneers, General Kein was a Pioneer, his teacher, Dave Elman, was a pioneer. So we are a family of pioneers, we like developing, discovering new things, new techniques, we look to push the boundaries. So welcome to the family, once you join us, and I’m looking forward to you wearing this pin one day with pride, we wear it with pride. If you have something interesting to contribute to this channel, why don’t you? We invite you to do so. Wherever you’re looking for an OMNI trained hypnotherapist go to ominihypnosis or omnihypnosis , and you’ll find it. If you are looking for therapy, you may want to look for one of our trained hypnotists by visiting omnifinder , and you can look up, your.

Hypnotherapist in your region. This is Hans, you are on the OMNI Hypnosis YouTube channel, welcome, and I’m looking forward to see you here again, take care, bye bye.

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