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Derren Brown Paying with Paper

€˜Hard to believe, but in America’ ‘I’m not the massive and lovable star you know me as here.’ ‘I shall exploit my anonymity’ ‘and try some daylight robbery in the financial capital of the world’ ‘with a wallet full of blank paper.’ This is a little cheeky. HE CHUCKLES ‘This will be the first time, and I imagine the last,’.

€˜that I have met with these salespeople.’ I’d like to. Could I buy some of your sole, please? How many would you like? Uh. maybe three. three fillets. Thank you. $18.55. $18.55? Where are we paying, down there? This is a fantastic place. Thank you.

Have you always lived in this area? 20 years. Okay, so how much was that? $18.55. I was a bit intimidated by the subway system – I didn’t want to go on it and then someone said, quot;It’s okay, take it.quot; quot;Take it, it’s fine.quot; So I did. Where did you live before this, then? I lived in Staten Island. Staten Island, which is just over the water, isn’t it?.

Thank you very much indeed. Thank you. Have a good day, sir. You too. Thanks. Hello, can I get a hot dog, please? Do you know where I can find the nearest drug store? Which one? Okay, straight down there. I’ve got a terrible headache. Do you know what’s good for you to take so you can just take that and feel okay?.

You know my dad’s 65? Yeah, you can keep the change. I’m sorry. There you go. Thank you. I thought you accepted that here. Thank you, my friend. Bye bye. (Didn’t work!) Hello. Very good. I’m kinda interested in one of these bands down here.

These are platinum, aren’t they? Yeah, that’s very nice. So, can you tell me about it? $4500? Yeah, that’s beautiful, isn’t it? Well I will take that as it is. I will give you cash for that, if that’s okay. Thank you. I’ll let you box that up.

Thank you very much. Where’s the nearest subway here? Just on the corner down there? So is that north or south, that way? That’s west, that way? Okay, so I’ve been thinking the wrong way. Thank you very much indeed. So, straight down there on the corner?.

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