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Hypnosis Hypnotherapy

how long have you been nail biting for? I am 28 years old so 28 years. (upbeat music) So I’ve bitten my nails for my entire life. I have never owned a pair of nail clippers. I’ve never clipped my own nails.

I’ve also never really tried to stop so today, I’m gonna go to a hypnotherapist. She’s gonna put me under and hopefully get me to stop biting my nails. (fun music) I am here to be hypnotized today.

What am i in for? So what’s gonna happen is that I’m gonna put you in a really deeply relaxed state. Your brain’s wavelengths drop. Your mind opens up and it gives us this window of opportunity.

Where we can input all of these positive suggestions into your mind. What is the difference between hypnosis and hypnotherapy? In theatre shows for example, it’s mostly setups to be funny and lighthearted. With hypnotherapy, it’s about retraining the mind.

To do whatever it is that the person wants it to do. So you shouldn’t be able to notice a difference after the first session. And what would you say to maybe like a skeptic? You don’t even have to believe in it. Just want it to work, that’s it.

sure. Are you ready? I’m ready. Sasha Your mind is crystal clear on this. Crystal clear on this. Fingers stay far away from your mouth and your fingers stay far away.

From each other no matter what. Alright, so I’ve just been hypnotized for the first time. How do you feel after? I feel really relaxed. Just I’m a lot kinda calmer than I was when I came in. Overall, my first experience with hypnotherapy.

Was super cool. There was a lot of really weird things that happened that I couldn’t quite explain. When she was putting me under, she said that my arm would start falling closer to my face and immediately it just kind of started ticking down.

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