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Welcome to gfm hypnosis for this live hypnosis session. in today’s hypnosis session I’m going to be helping you overcome insomnia. So it’s up to yourself then how you choose to go into hypnosis, you can sit up, or lie down. just get yourself in a nice comfortable position as you’re getting yourself nice and comfortable.

I’m just going to play some nice relaxing music in the background. So if you are nice and comfortable and you’re ready then to get started, just take a nice breath in. Exhale that breath just allow your eyes to close.

And just allow yourself now, to relax. allow yourself to relax, physically just allow yourself to relax mentally, more and more because at this moment in time, there’s nothing, nothing of importance for you to do. Except to relax, to relax physically, to relax mentally, more and more Every breath you exhale can help.

You to feel and to be more and more calm, more and more relaxed. and any normal, outside noises will not effect or disturb you in any way. Any normal, outside noises will actually help.

And you guide you to feel and to be more and more calm, more and more relaxed. The only sound you now remain interested in is the sound of my voice the sound of my voice can help and guide you deeper and deeper.

Into this wonderful, this relaxing state of physical and mental relaxation, and in a few moments I’m going to count from 10 down to 1. With every number that I count from 10 down to 1, you’ll be able to relax more and more with every number. By the time I get to 1, if not sooner, it will then just feel like you’ve doubled your level of relaxation, and this wonderful level of physical, this wonderful level of mental relaxation will then continue to grow more and more with every breath you exhale.

And that’s not because i say so, it’s because it’s the nature of the human mind just to enjoy these wonderful levels of physical, mental relaxation, because it truly feels good.

It feels good to relax, physically and it feels so good to relax mentally more and more. So 10, beginning now to relax more and more with every breath you exhale. 9, every breath helping, every breath guiding you deeper and deeper relaxed. Every breath helping and every breath now.

Can hypnosis help me lose weight

People are always asking me. will hypnosis work for me My answer is always the same It depends how much you want it Now, I was trying to work out a way to explain that in a completely different way and just up the road from us at a place called Aldeburgh on the East Coast.

There’s a sculpture that’s very beautiful in my opinion and by a famous artist called Maggi Hambling. Now some people love it and some people loathe it. To the extent where it is vandalized on a regular basis The point is this. Nobody’s right and nobody’s wrong.

It’s beautiful to some and ugly to others It’s all down to what you think, feel and believe. Now traditionally diets will tell you what you should and shouldn’t eat. But they tend to forget than you think, feel and believe too! So if you want to be empowered two make your own eating decisions.

To help you make decisions that support you, to help you get thin on your own Then yes. Hypnosis can definitely help with that. and to find out how and if you do really want it make sure you download my free super slim me hypnosis session.

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