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Hypnosis Certification Online

I’m erika flint and i’m a board certified hypnotist with the national guild of hypnotist and i’m also a certified professional hypnotherapy instructor I’m here today to tell you about the hypnosis classes and courses that are offered at Cascade hypnosis training so we’re gonna tell you about the NGH approved Banyan hypnosis certification super course alright so this course is designed to make you one of the best hypnotist in the world we call the 1% creme de la creme.

One of the best in the world so this is a 10 day class and it’s a really intense class it starts around 8:30 in the morning and were done at 6:30 every night so what do we teach you in this class? let’s start over here you’re going get two manuals the first manual is the level one manual ok now this class teaches you the basics of hypnosis the advanced hypnosis that you need in order to help every client that walks through the door.

The basic the advanced techniques plus you’re going to learn 5path the worldrenowned 5PATH and 7th Path selfhypnosis, I’ll tell you a little bit more about that in a moment so level one manual where are you will learn rapid and instant inductions the ability for you to get your client into a state of hypnosis really quickly and/or immediately Convincere clients using covert tests so it’s really important.

You’re able to convince your client that they’re in hypnosis why it deepens the level of hypnosis and covert tests we don’t want to do any overt testing for our clients if they realize that they failed a test that will bring them right out of hypnosis so you will learn to covertly test make sure that your client is that the proper depth of hypnosis for the work that you want to do you will build confidence in yourself what we do is we practice for two hours minimum.

Every day and we drill drill drill some basic techniques when you’re sitting there with your client in the chair you know exactly what to do you don’t have to think about it you’ve done it hundred times. you will learn how to open a practice hypnosis is still an entrepreneurial professional you will learn how to open a practice and bring in clients run your practice and how to do schedule and all.

Those sorts of things we provide some of the best ongoing support in the world and because of that right we want you to be successful and so we provide that ongoing support and help you open a practice ok now the next thing so that’s the basic manual you’re going to learn that in the first three days of this class you know believe it or not a lot of hypnotists don’t have the basics 10 they’ve really don’t know how to hypnotize somebody quickly they don’t know how to.

Convince their client that their client is in hypnosis they don’t know how to do covert testing and so you know there are some programs out there where hypnotist feel like they’re being unsuccessful so that’s addresses some of that issue with this class alright so now the second part of the class is we’re going to get this is the advanced manual all of this comes with the class we’re going to learn fivephase advanced transformational hypnosis or 5PATH.

That’s another name for it is a systematic approach to hypnosis to help you be successful with nearly every client that walks through your door like a blueprint for framework but it’s not rigid ok so as you continue to grow and learn hypnosis you can add things to 5PATH and you can just make it your own basically there are five phases in 5PATH the first phase is preparation testing and convincing this is where you’re really going to be able to learn.

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