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My Drug Free Home Birth Hypnobirthing Story Was it really pain free BEXLIFE

Rebekah: Hey guys. It’s Bex here and I’m back again with my good friend Grace Smith from GraceSmithTV . I made a tutorial recently about my natural birth experience by accident, because I was on my friend’s podcast and he asked me a question about my own home birth experience with my last baby, baby number five, and I kind of flipped out in the tutorial. I was like sweating and yelling and getting all excited. But we actually did an entire series of tutorials on hypnobirthing because you teach that as a hypnotherapist. Grace: Yes. Rebekah: And this is the followup. So we’re going to get some real information, because.

You’re going to ask me real questions. Grace: Yes. Rebekah: And I’m not going to scream, I promise. Grace: I don’t know if that’s a promise we can keep, but let’s see. OK. Well, one of the reasons we want to do this followup is when we did our series, you were pregnant. Rebekah: Yes. Grace: You have never done a hypnobirth before. Rebekah: Uhuh.

Grace: So some of the things we had discussed, it was really hard for you to believe. Rebekah: I didn’t believe it. Grace: You were skeptical. Rebekah: Yeah. Grace: Didn’t believe it at all and I think it’s really important for everyone here to understand what your experience was like because every woman is different and yet there are some congruencies. There are some themes of experience throughout hypnobirthing that you just can’t believe until you have met a pregnant woman who was skeptical, who then.

Had a hypnobirth and can talk about it. So the first thing I just want to ask you is, “How did this birth, your fifth baby, compare to all of your other birthing experiences since this one was a hypnobirth?â€� Rebekah: I wanted to say that for people who don’t know me, I’ve had five babies. I had two with epidurals, one natural in a , one natural at home, and then the last one at home with the hypnosis experience. Grace: Yeah. Rebekah: How did it compare? Well, it was not scary and I think that that was the number.

One thing that was important because removing the fear around the pain of labor, of contractions of childbirth is the number one thing that’s going to give you the good birth experience. I wasn’t scared with the first three but I was also having the experience of being on drugs. Grace: Right. Rebekah: So that took away every sensation, not just pain. It was a complete disconnect from the birthing experience and the third that I had natural in the , because it was so frantic and it wasn’t natural by choice, it was because the drugs weren’t.

Working, that was very fast and I didn’t have time to process anything. So I was again disconnected from the birth experience. My first home birth was great but it was terrifying and I was in tremendous amount of pain and I was crying and I was fearful and I felt that I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t finish the birth. I wanted to go to the . I was trying to bribe my husband. So by fear, leaps and bounds, this last birth was more pleasurable. I was more connected. The recovery time was shorter. I was happier. I didn’t suffer from postpartum depression at all which I’ve experienced in the past. It was just better. It was just good versus.

Not good, to sum it up. Grace: And that’s the whole premise of hypnobirthing, which is that typically the birthing experience in the modern age is one where there is this pain for your cycle. You’re afraid of having a child because everyone has been telling you horror stories or perhaps you had a baby and it was extremely traumatic. Many people have had traumatic births and then they haven’t done anything to help themselves process that or heal that. So they’re terrified about the next birthing experience or they’re even waiting to have children or they don’t have any more children because.

Yacht Hypnosis

I have a question, do you believe in the power of the mind? Sam: No No? I’m going to make you believe in the power of my mind Touch, touch my hand, push down on it, push down on it Harder, harder, harder, SLEEP! Give me a silly name to give your boyfriend Mr. Fuzzy Pants.

When you wake up, your name is Mr. Fuzzy Pants Anytime I or anyone asks you your name and looks you in the eyes and asks you what your name is Your name is Mr. Fuzzy Pants, it’s the automatic, natural thing that pops to the top of your head You are proud Mr. Fuzzy Pants. Anytime someone laughs or jokes you get angry because you are proud Mr. Fuzzy Pants, on the count of 3. 1, 2, 3 *snaps fingers* Sam: Mr. Fuzzy Pants Sam: Weren’t we playing cards? What’s your name?.

Sam: Mr. Fuzzy Pants Sam: She knows my name! Sam: What’s my name? Her: What’s your name? Sam: Mr. Fuzzy Pants Sam: Dude but seriously! Are you going to do that in front of everybody? Look at me, do you really not remember? Sam: Don’t remember what?.

You don’t remember what? What if I told you right now you’re hypnotized? Sam: I’m Not! You’re not? You can’t be hypnotized right? Sam: No It’s fake right? Look at me, when I snap my fingers on 3, you’ll be unhypnotized, all mental and physical stress will be gone.

You’ll remember everything, you’ll also remember your first name and all your personal information, ok? I know that makes no sense, look at my hand, take a deep breath in.out.1, 2 ,3 *snaps fingers*.

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