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How To Practice Hypnosis

So i want to share with you the five magic touches. There’s nothing there’s nothing to be honest with you hey, we’re copyright, we’re marketing this thing, now right? It just makes it sound better. Five magic touches versus five things.

You can do to prove that people go deeper. But I don’t want you to think that is an exhaustive list. There are lots o other things you can do as well, but these are things I find quite useful, and it kind of continues with a little bit of what we did yesterday.

Can i borrow you to just demonstrate? The five magic touches are, number one is a simple head tap. So in this, what happens when I do this? All right. You feel that inside?.

Umhmm. It’s distracting, it’s startling, and it’s a great way to emphasize a suggestion. Now, it doesn’t work with everyone. Especially if they are awake, they will not like it, right? By the way, INAUDIBLE this while you’re INAUDIBLE,.

It’s not great, right? Have a seat in the chair. Look at me. Breathe out. Just all the way down, relax. Just keep it that’s it, all the way.

All there you go. Doing great. Because you’re doing great, I want you to notice that you going to find your hypnosis practice really beginning to take off now, because it’s all about what you can do for other people.

And, as you do this, you’ll find that inside you something begins to wake up. An ability with hypnosis you’ve yet to discover. You can feel that right now, can you not? Something beginning to awaken in the back of your mind, the depths of you right now.

Just feel that. In your own time, bring yourself back. How are you doing? Good. Good job. How did that feel?.

Hypnosis Therapy How to Do SelfHypnosis

My name is andy silver, and i work as a performance coach using hypnosis and nlp, nlp stands for NeuroLinguistic Programing. And I’ve been coaching clients using hypnosis and NLP for 20 years. My website is ResolutionExperts, (with an S) . In this segment, called, Self Hypnosis, Joyce will have the experience of stepping into her future in which she will be selling her phone and buying a new one, packing up all her many belongings from many years of living in the old home, and experiencing this transition in a peaceful way. You’re.

Selling your home of many years and moving into a new home, so you have a lot of things to pack up. And I thought you might like an anchor, a way to calm yourself down in the middle of all that activity. So self hypnosis is about creating an anchor, such as I did with becoming smokefree. To remind yourself of all your resourcefulness, and to be able to focus your attention on what you want, rather than think about the things that you don’t want. Hypnosis is all about selective attention. So Joyce what I’d like to offer.

You is a sense of what would the ideal move for you be? what would it look like? the ideal Move? The ideal move. Move. Everything would be packed neatly in boxes, labeled, and ready to load on the truck. Okay. So neatly packed, loaded, clean, ready to put on the truck, labeled; labeled too, yes, absolutely, labeled, which room, which box everything is going in, or which room. And then what would it sound like? Probably a chattering of voices of people moving around. Okay. Moving the boxes onto the truck one.

At a time, not rushed, quietly, quietly; and then just a big quiet house, taking boxes into another quiet house. Okay, into another quiet house, alright. And what would be the feeling you would love to have associated with this move? The new chapter of my life. So a sense of completion about the past and excitement about the future. Beginning a new. Beginning a new chapter, wonderful, okay, great. So Joyce has just identified around three sensory levels. What it would be like ideally for you to be able to move.

Visually seeing those things, hearing those sounds, feeling those feelings. so right now taking your forefinger on your right had and putting it on a special place on the back of your left, I want you to close your eyes as I repeat back to you, and this is going to be your new anchor, and you’ll be able to fire this any time you want by pressing into it. So the visuals that you shared is that you will see the boxes neatly packed, each one of them labeled, there’s a sense of order, things look very clean as you put.

These things on the truck. and the sounds associated with this, the sound of chattering voices, people cooperating, helping each other to load the truck. The sounds of an empty house that you’re leaving, and the sound of a new place that you’re moving into that’s quiet. And the feeling associated with this is the excitement of starting a new chapter in your life, and having a sense of completion about the past. So every time you fire this in the middle of that move and anchor that spot, it will remind you and bring all your.

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