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How To Hypnotize A Person With A Coin

Hypnosis Basics How to Hypnotize Someone

Hi, I’m Camen Lynne welcome to Expert Village and we’re talking about Hypnotherapy. Today, we have with us Suzy who has very kindly agreed to be a volunteer and demonstrate how we induce the hypnotic state. So, Suzy, what I’d like you to do right now is take your right hand and just put it like that, OKay, fingers stiff, great. Just look at that middle finger right here, OKay. As you keep looking at that middle finger, you’re going to notice that the hand and arm starts to pull towards the face and you’re just going to allow it to do so. Just in little tiny jerking movements, that’s right. As it pulls towards the face you’ll feel more and more relaxed, and more and more relaxed. Then when it reaches skin contact with the.

Face, you just allow your eyes to close, that’s right, and just allow it to keep coming to the face, that’s right, and (snap) deep sleep. Very good.

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