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How To Hypnotise A Rat

Look into our eyes. We are going to tryto hypnotize each other. Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ Good Mythical Morning. Boopity boop boop boop! Right off the bat, I’m doing the researchthing, ’cause y’all, (clicks tongue). …we’ve done some research. Wow. We’ve never gotten into research sofast. On (research quot;boopsquot;)… It’s very hasty.

…hypnosis. Are you interested inentering a trancelike state where the subject I’m asking you and me exhibits heightened focus, concentration… Yes. Yes. Yes. …and has an enhanced capacity. …and response to suggestion? Yes, I would like to be suggested. Well then you would like to be hypnotized.There’s lots of different ways that you can hypnotize people. You don’t just haveto dangle something in front of ’em. In fact, I don’t think that works at all. Well, who are we to say? I don’t know. We don’t know anything. But there are lots of techniques.

…that we’ve discovered. But we’re gonna do it. It’s never stopped us before. Right. So there’s two general types of hypnosis that we found. One is just…I call general hypnosis, or slow hypnosis. Yeah. YOU call it that, huh? Because it’s… It’s called slow hypnosis,but it’s what I just think of as hypnosis. Right. It’s typically used in therapy sessions, okay? Yeah or to deal with something Get people to stop smoking. in their past, or some habit, or I don’t know. I’ve never been under

for that. But there’s also a whole Biting your nails. family called speed hypnosis, which I’malso familiar with. I know you are too. It’s more of the stage performant(stammering) hypnotic stuff. (chuckling) Whoa. Stage performant hypnotic stuff. Performance. I think that’s the… performant. I made up that word. (Rhett and crew offscreen laughing) Are you hypnotized right now? Yes. You’ve been hypnotized to not be ableto correctly say things.

So you’ve seen it… That’s cool. Yeah, my whole life. (laughing) You’ve seen it. There’s a hypnotist onstage, and he gets someone out of the crowd, and he’s like… You know,he hypnotizes them and then he’s like, quot;Hey, dance like an Ewok when I saythe word ‘bubbles.’quot; Right. I’ve been there. And then like derderder. …and everybody’s laughing at you, Seen that. and then you snap ’em out of it, Right.

and they don’t know what happened.They didn’t know they’ve been Ewoked. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Here is a speed hypnosis demonstration tutorial that I found on YouTube. It’s donein a living room, not on a stage. But this is gonna serve asinspirasheeon for us. All right. Follow my fingers with youreyes. With your head. Your head gets heavy. Your head drops down.Follow my fingers. Follow my fingers. Whoa, did he hurt him? There he goes. On the count of three, stare atmy finger tip.

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