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How To Become Hypnotist

((music playing)) paulramsay Nice gentle breath in. Breath out and sleep. ((fingers snap)) Deeper and Deeper, more and more relaxed. One of the most common questions that I get from people when they find out what I do for a living is, How do you become a hypnotist?.

I’m used to telling that, explain that to people a lot. you can’t go to school for it, you can’t go to college for it. What you have to do is find a certified instructor. You find someone who’s part of a professional organization that has their own curriculum. Make sure that their curriculum and what they teach and what their standards are, are in line with how you want to get into hypnotism.

For example there’s some people that only teach stage hypnotism if you want to go into entertainment. Other people only teach consulting hypnotism if you want to work with clients and help them quit smoking or lose weight or get rid of phobias and that kind of stuff, or fears. Then their’s some people like myself I actually teach both of those because I am a certified instructor through the National Guild and I’d make my own career in stage hypnotism.

So i teach them both actually but the big thing is you want to find someone we feel comfortable with, who is in good standing with their professional organization, and who can basically layout everything you’ll be getting. Full confidence and enthusiasm as you one, two, three, awake. How about a big welcome, this is so exciting, give them your love. ((cheering)) It’s a special night. So with any consumer decision you want to ask a lot of questions,.

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