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How Hypnosis Really Works

My name is Andy Silver and I work as a performancecoach using hypnosis and NLP. NLP stands for neural linguistic program. And I’ve been coachingclients using hypnosis and NLP for twenty years. My web site is ResolutionExperts .In this segment hypnotizing someone to stop smoking. A client will have the experienceof saying goodbye to the past in which they were smoking and starting a new future inwhich they are free of all tobacco products. What I do is work with clients and help themrealize that they’re closing a chapter or finishing a book. The book is about theirlife as a smoker and the new chapter, new book that they’re writing is becoming aboutbeing tobacco free. So I’ve already checked

and their motivation is high. And whateverpeople they’ve used to smoke with, they now have other friends in their life that aresmoke free. They’ve already recognized the benefits of becoming smoke free. Fewer drycleaning bills. Nonsmoking family members that are going to be thrilled. Better healthcare outlook for the future. So they’re really motivated and ready to do this. And what Ido is offer them a guided meditation in which in hypnosis and with trance, they go backand revisit very quickly every cigarette they ever smoked starting from cigarette numberone. And that usually takes a couple of minutes if they’ve been smoking for decades. And they’rebasically saying goodbye to their life as

a smoker. And starting to embrace the possibilityof becoming smoke free, tobacco free. Once we’ve closed that chapter, when they’ve saidgoodbye to the past we start to identify the things in their life that they really wouldlike. To do with this free time and extra money. This new outlook on life. We createa sense of that for them in all; represented in all five sensory modes. So they see thenew life. They hear the sounds associated with this new life. They feel the feelingsassociated, any smells, any tastes. And they’ve got that locked in on all five sensory levels.And I create an anchor for them, so that when they; as they conclude the session and theyhave the anchor usually a position on the

back of their, of their hand with this dominatefinger forefinger. And they press that and it fires within their brain on all five sensorylevels. This new future they want to embrace, they’re ready to claim..

How Hypnosis Works

For a long time, hypnosis has been apopular point in the entertainment business And while it is often describedas a sleeplike trance state It is expressed as a statecharacterized by focused attention Extreme suggestibility andheightened imagination It is most often compared to daydreaming When you are fully conscious, but you tuneout most of the distracting stimuli around you One theory suggests that hypnosis is a way toaccess a person’s subconscious mind directly But what does this mean?

Well normally, you are only aware of thethought process in your conscious mind Meaning you are consciously thinking overthe problems that are right in front of you Thinking about where you leftyour keys, or what color to wear This is how your conscious mind solves problems By accessing the information youneed through your subconscious mind What’s interesting is that yoursubconscious gets the information Without your awareness of its thought processing Which is how you get newideas out of the blue

But that’s not all Your subconscious also takescare of stuff you do automatically from how you breathe, to the way youlook in the mirror when you drive a car So in short, your subconscious mind is the quot;Thinkingquot;, behind the scenes And during hypnosis, the subconsciousmind is exposed directly to a hypnotist Which is why you feel freerand may be more expressive Because the conscious mind is notfiltering the information you take in

The hypnotist suggestions seem likethey’re coming directly from your subconscious Rather than from another person And this theory has gained wideacceptance in the psychiatric community Mostly because it explains all themajor characteristics of the hypnotic state But others view the phenomenonsimply as a placebo effect Due to social pressure, andthe influence of the hypnotists Which is often strong enough to convincepeople that they should act in a certain way And while our understanding of hypnosishas advanced a great deal in the past century

The phenomenon is still… A mystery. If you liked this tutorial please makesure to rate, comment and subscribe And if you would like to learn other fun facts Please head over to my channel ‘The Factoid’ And with that said Thanks for watching!.

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