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Haunter Learning Hypnosis

Why Dream Eater Is the Worst Pokemon Move

Haunter, use hypnosis! Perfect! Haunter! Use Dream Eater! Okay, I’ll just Wait, what? You want me to eat his dreams? JUST DO IT. EAT THE DREAMS. Alright. Pikachu, you are cool and I respect you finally. Please kiss me make out style on the mouth!.

Ha ha! If you insist! Woah! Woah! Woah! What the Helix is going on here? HAUNTER! DO IT! USE DREAM EATER! I really would rather not. How about I just use confuse ray, or LICK!? Huh? *Ah yeah! Lick me harder Pikachu! Lick me with your tongue muscle!* Not lick! Not lick! Uh. Something else! *Oh Tentacruel, let’s put those tentacles to good use.* OKAY. OKAY. HERE IT GOES.

(Chomp) (Pukes) Oh god! It tastes like lube and Garbador’s dick! I can’t do this! (Bang) Oh. Right. Already a ghost.

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