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Free Self Hypnosis

Welcome to gfm hypnosis. My name is Gary Maddison and in todays hypnosis session Im going to be helping you to feel and to be more and more confident each and everyday. So its up to yourself how you choose to go into hypnosis. You can either sit up, or you can lie down.

Just get yourself in a nice, comfortable position. As youre getting yourself nice and comfortable, Im just going to start to play some music in the background. And if you are nice and comfortable and youre ready to get started, just take a nice breath in. Exhale that breath.

As you do, just allow your eyes to close. Just allow yourself now to relax. Because what youll soon discover is that one of the nicest things about hypnosis is that wonderful feeling of physical and mental relaxation, you can now begin to spread throughout your entire body,.

Because at this moment in time, theres nothing, nothing important for you to do, except to relax physically and mentally, more and more, and any normal outside noises will not affect or disturb you in any way.

Any normal outside noises will help or guide you to feel more and more calm, and more and more relaxed. And the only sound that you now remain interested in is the sound of my voice. The sound of my voice can help,.

Can guide you to feel and be more and more calm, and more and more relaxed, and in a few moments Im going to count from 10 down to 1. With each and every number I count from 10 down to 1, youll be able to relax more and more, with each and every number.

Now by the time i get to 1, feel more soothed, you will feel like you have dove in a level of relaxation, and this wonderful lake of physical, this wonderful level of mental relaxation will then just continue more and more with every breath you exhale and.

Isnt because i say so, its because its the nature of the human mind just to enjoy these wonderful levels of physical, mental relaxation, because it feels good, it truly feels good, to relax physically. And it truly feels good to relax mentally,.

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