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Free Hypnosis Scripts For Pain Management

35 Abused at Six Now Free Faster EFT NLP Robert Smith

alright, and going back to my childhood memory i have figured out.I have worked on this childhood memory.A lot.But i realised that it's a pattern that has, er, it's a basis for a pattern that it, is a constant up till now.So i wanna release all of it.Do you mind sharing what it is this memory.Um.Well, it's a little naked, but i will.Um.I was molested, as a kid.Okay.It's a very common thing.Uh huh, and so,.

and it went on a long time, like a year and a half.It was the origin of a bad tape in me.Uh huh.Okay because, when my parents found out.They said he was bad because i was part of the circle, i assumed i was bad.Right.Which, that was your.Okay, and i didn't get therapy, until later, and so, so it was a bad.And like one of my exhusbands reminds me of my abuser.Now that, that's really crazy, but it happens.Okay.So,.

i've recreated this enough times and i've gone back to heal that early memory.Again and a., including hypnosis.I took multiple seminars in selfhypnosis.So, but, as i see that threat.Okay obviously, it's not completely.My saying is same song, different verse.Okay.So, so let's do this.Okay.Um, you know what happened.Right yeah.I do.Do you have memory of what happened some of it.Okay.Not all of it.Okay.Er.How old are you when it happened.

six.Six.Alright.Let's, let's do a test.Okay.Mm hum.Of course, guys, memories buried alive never die.Uh huh.They come up.They just show back up in another pair of shoes.I tried to outrun this one, a long time.Of course you can't run it, run from it, of course, because why you take it with you.You do.Alright.So this is what i want you to do.Take a deep breath.Close your eyes.Now, i want you to drift back in time.

And i want you to be six years old.And i want you to sit, stand, wherever it was.Be there, and see if you can.Mm hum.And can you feel anything uh hum.Alright.Alright.I want you, in your mind only, you don't have to share anything, but i want you, in your mind, to walk through the path feel it.Experience it, for the last time.And when you get done, all you do is nod your head.And listen to what your mom said,.

And feel that part, too.Got it uh huh.Now, in your mind, all i want you to do is imagine, in front of you, a tree.See the tree.Now, what happens when you pull the roots out now what happens when you pull the roots out notice what happens to the tree without roots.You see it uh huh.Everybody tap with me.Say it out loud.I release and let go.I release and let go.All the sadnesses.All the sadnesses.

I release and let go.I release and let go.All the fears.All the fears.I release and let go.I release and let go.All the emotional traumas.All the emotional traumas.I release and let go.I release and let go.The helplessness, the helplessness, the feelings of no control.The feelings of no control.The rejections, the rejections, the abandonments, the abandonments, the betrayals, the betrayals, and all my guilts.And all my guilts.I release and let it go.I release and let it go.

Take a deep breath inhales exhales peace peace.Alright.Now.I want you to go back to the experience.You're 6 years old again.And i want you to stop.Step back through it and i want you to just stop when you feel anything.And nod your head.Feel it notice what it feels like.Notice the sensation in your body.Got it let it go.Let it go.It's safe to let it go.It's safe to let it go.It's safe to let it go.It's safe to let it go.

I'm here now.I'm here now.It's over.It's over.Peace.Peace.Deep breath.Inhales exhales peace.Alright.Go back to it again, check that point.See if it still bothers you.Yep.And how do you know it bothers you i feel it in my chest.Notice the feeling in your chest.Uh huh.Notice how big it is, and notice what it represents.Uh huh.Right.Say i release and let it go.I release and let it go.I let it all go.I let it all go.

Even though i've been fond of this memory.Even though i've been fond of this memory.I've been dragging it around, everywhere i go.I've been dragging it around.Spent thousands of dollars on it.Spent thousands of dollars found the men to take the place.Found a lot of men to take the place.I just let it go now.I just let it go now.It's safe.It's safe.Deep breath inhales exhales peace peace.Alright.Now go back to that again.

Check it.See if it still bothers you.No.Actually, i feel a clearing in my ears.Alright.Now go on to the memory and i want you to find anything that can bother you.Okay.Something uh huh.Notice.I want you to make it stronger than it is now.Got it uh huh.Notice how strong it is.Say i release and let it go.I release and let it go.It's safe to let it go now.It's safe to let it go now.

It's all over.It's all over.It's in the past.It's in the past.I'm no longer six.I'm no longer six.I don't have to act that way.I don't have to act that way.It's over.It's over.Deep breath.Inhales exhales peace.Peace.Alright.Check it again.See if that part still bothers you.No.And then what no.Anything no.Listen to what your mom said.'he's bad.' and then you said 'well, i'm bad, too.' can you feel that feeling.

yeah.Alright.You're really proud of that.You're really good at that.I was good at it, yeah.All my life i've been bad.Feel that yup.Alright.I release and let it go.I release and let it go.All my life, all my life, i've felt that way.I've felt that way.Release and let it go.Release and let it go.It's just a feeling.It's just a feeling.I produce.I produce.And i was good.I was good.

At feeling that bad feeling.At feeling that bad feeling.Let it go.Let it go.Deep breath.Inhales exhales peace.Peace.Alright.Check it again.I'm bad.And how bad are you no.You're not bad are you nope.Alright.Now remember this memory.Uh huh.Now, in your mind, can you play the memory again and does it bother you at all no.It's rather comical.Are you telling me that something that was so horrible is funny now yeah.Now why is th.Pretty good.

So, did it really change yeah.Alright.Now, here's the test, now you spent thousands of dollars, therapy, hypnosis and we, it didn't take ten minutes.Uh huh.Alright.So, make it come back.Make it bad as it was before.There's a shift.Shift.Happens he smiles uh huh.She laughs when she gets the joke good shift.So, it changed, didn't it yeah.Alright.So the memory is not the same as it was when we started.Is it no.Did you hear that.

What's real right now.This moment.Alright.Now.I want you to do this.I want you to take a deep breath.I want you to close your eyes.And i want you to go somewhere in your present or sometime when you was with somebody and you know that you are loved.And i want you to feel that love feeling.Okay.I want you to make that feeling stronger and notice where you feel it at.Uh huh.And as you feel it, i want you to look over to that little girl, at six years old.

And as you do, i want you to send this feeling to her.That's right.Send her some more.And i want you to invite her over to you.And soon as she gets close enough, i want you to wrap your arms around her hold her.Hold her really tight.Whisper in her ear something she's always needed to know.And listen, she has something for you, too.Squeeze her so tight that that little girl begins to drift inside you, where she's always going to be safe with you, for the rest of your life.

Say peace.Peace.Alright.Now this memory has always bothered you today, up until today.Yep.Right.Make it come back.No.It's changed, hasn't it it has.Cause, the one i just put in is what comes up.Tutorial split here alright.Do you see that guys now, here's something really powerful first of all, how many know exactly what happened only one person.That correct isn't that awesome so.I didn't.You know,we didn't have to dig around and usually now what i do is i have you tell that story in my office.

Free Hypnosis Script For Pain Control

Free hypnosis script for pain control,Hypnosistutorials this pain relief hypnosis script will teach you how to help a client to be in complete control of pain and discomfort. Full pain control self hypnosis session,Freehypnosisscriptsfreepainreliefhypnosisscript this hypnosis session is packed with suggestions that will help you with pain.

Hypnosis for pain relief and pain management,If you would like to get a free guide meditation for relaxation and stress relief then go to gethypnoticlabs in this hypnosis audio i will help you to. How to get rid of pain in three minutes,Americanschoolofhypnsoisblog learn how to stop pain in 3 minutes with this amazing balloon technique utilizing your imagination be sure to. Guided meditation for pain relief and pain management,If you would like to get a free guide meditation for relaxation and stress relief then go to gethypnoticlabs in this guided meditation i will help you to.

Pain management self hypnosis technique by empowered within,Empoweredwithin free guided relaxation technique to assist with pain management using self hypnosis techniques by kerie logan at.

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Migraines Headaches And Pain Relief Guided Meditation And Healing Hypnosis No Music

Migraines headaches and pain relief guided meditation and healing hypnosis no music,This is one of two versions of this migraines and headaches relief guided meditation and healing hypnosis this guided meditation and healing hypnosis takes. Lower back pain relief hypnosis session,Self improvement cds tutorials and downloadswalkingtallhypnotherapy to receive full benefits from this recording use for 21 days alan kirwan. Free stress management hypnosis script,Hypnosistutorialsfreestressmanagementhypnosisscript this free stress management hypnosis script will allow you to work successfully.

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Free Hypnosis Script For Depression

Free hypnosis script for depression,Hypnosistutorials this feel happy and content hypnosis script will teach you how to help a client to be happy and content script download the. Hypnosis for pain control and hypnotic pain management,To learn more about hypnosis for pain control visit mikemandelhypnosispain to study hypnosis with dr mike mandel visit. Cure sleep insomnia with self hypnosis script,My proven sleep insomnia self hypnosis script this one really worksreawakener to view a transcript of this tutorial go to.

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