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Does Hypnosis Work On Smoking

How Does Hypnosis Work

Hello, my name is Julia Anderson and I’m a hypnotherapist I know many people have a lot of questions about hypnotherapy and so the purpose of this little tutorial is to, hopefully, address many of the basic questions now what hypnotherapy is all about is giving you the power to use the your OWN mind to get rid of unnecessary beliefs or unwanted habits or to change your feelings about things. You have that power already in your mind.

And all a hypnotherapist does is help you bring that out. Help you reach in and use those powers that you were already given now what happens when you come for hypnotherapy session is we talk And I explain things just as I will be explaining in this tutorial And then, you just relax. You begin by relaxing your body and that makes it easier to just relax your mind.

You remain aware the entire time Because this is therapy, and if you weren’t aware you couldn’t be doing the therapy for yourself but it’s very enjoyable and relaxing As a matter of fact, it’s very much like reading a really really good book. You become totally absorbed in the characters of that book, and the world drops away The feeling is very similar.

However this will be the story of you Your own story you’ll go inside What?s happening when that’s going on? Well,it’s really useful when we talk about this to talk about what’s inside our heads. now there?s a brain in there and there’s many ways to talk about what’s in there, but for the purposes.

Of hypnotherapy its most useful to talk about the conscious mind And everything else now we tend to call everything else subconscious or unconscious you know , in a way, these are unfortunate names,but all it means is the part of the mind or the brain that is not the conscious part now that conscious part it turns out is actually a very small part of our brain.

It’s a very creative and it’s also the seat of all our abstract thinking But, it’s a little bit limited. It can only holds seven to ten thoughts at one time it can only hold twenty seconds of memory and than it has to go into that rest of the brain and it also processes more slowly than the rest of the brain the subconscious processes SO fast that.

Before I could even finish thinking the first word of the thought ?pick up the cup? my subconscious mind could move my hand, pick up a cup and bring it to me So much faster And it processes so much more information. And sure, some of that information is very basic. Like moving all the muscles in my hand and fingers to pick up the cup but it’s so much more than that and.

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