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What is Deep Trance Identification

International Center for Positive Change and Hypnosis, Three Minute NLP with Shawn Carson What is Deep Trance Identification (DTI)? DTI with Superman? Hypnosis and trance to DTI Step 1: Go into trance and see Superman! Step 2: Dissociate from me, become ‘oberser’ Step 3: Float into Superman to begin the Depp Trance Identification Step 4: have super adventures as Superman, the heart of DTI

Step 5: Dissociate Step 6: The DTI ends, return to you, bringing those skills back, the attitude and spirit and kindness of Superman! This is the deep trance identification experience Upcoming book: Deep trance Identification by Shawn carson, Jess Marion, John Overdurf from amazon soon!!! bestNLPNewYork Facebook: NLP and Hypnosis Resource.

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