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Child Hypnosis Induction Script

Hynose voorgesprek 7 11 jaar

Hypnotherapy, pretalk for the age between 711 years.Hello, my name is ina oostrom you are watching this tutorial because your father, mother or someone else made an appointment for you with me.The reason can be that for instance you are afraid of something, perhaps you are being bullied, perhaps you easily get angry, or you are not feeling ok, perhaps you are easily nervous, perhaps you are troubled with adhd problems with studying, or perhaps it is something completely different.I would like to help you.However, i can only do so if you like that yourself.

To see me is pointless if somebody else wants it for you.But if you like to get rid of a problem, i know i can help you.How are we going to do that! we are going to do this with hypnosis.Hypnosis is a kind of day dreaming.You are being very focused, through which you can find out more about yourself.In that way you can solve problems that are bothering you.I would like to give you more explanation because the better you understand it, the faster we can work on it.

In the ordinary live when we talk with other people, when we are shopping or studying, or we are doing other things, our thoughts are thinking in an ordinary way.With a difficult word we call this the normal consciousness.With our normal consciousness we can do a number of things, like making math, solving puzzles, studying, in fact everything you can call logical thinking.The problem of our normal consciousness is, that it cannot do many things at one time.Try to say the multiplying table of two and at the same time sing a song.

You will not be able to do this at the same moment.Because our normal consciousness can do only one thing at a time.However, in order to be able to laugh, play and learn, to work many things have to happen in our body.In fact in our head we have a very beautiful biological computer.This biological computer is much more clever than the computer you might have at home.While you are watching this tutorial right now, thousands of things have to happen in your body.You need to keep on breathing,.

And fortunately you do not need to think about that.Your body needs to maintain the right temperature.When it is hot your body will cool down by sweating, and when it is cold your skin contracts so that you do not lose too much warmth.Or maybe you will shiver in order to become warmer.Your heart rate and blood pressure need to be checked.The food and drinks you are taking need to be processed.Waste must be cleaned up.And your body needs to grow.And so there are much more things that need to be done at the same time in your body.

Imagine that you would need to think about all these things yourself! you would not have any time to do fun things.How is it possible that you can do all these things at the same time, without having to think about it all the time.With a difficult word we call this the sub consciousness.You can imagine this as the 'thinking' that is hidden under the normal consciousness.Your sub consciousness takes care of many things for you.Without you noticing it.That's pretty huh! and your sub consciousness is doing very many more things for you.

Do you remember the first time you learned how to ride a bike that was not so easy.Because you had to do many things at the same time.And i told you earlier that in fact you can only do one thing at the time with your normal consciousness.What you do in fact when you are learning something, is that you are doing the things very fast one after the other.However, in that case not much time remains to do something else.Your sub consciousness will start helping you by doing a lot of these things automatically.

The more often you do something, the easier it will go.Because your sub consciousness helps you.When you now go out with your bike you do not have to think about kicking the pedals, controlling your handlebar, you do this more or less automatically.That is because your sub consciousness is helping you.You do not need to be occupied with this with your normal consciousness.Your sub consciousness is always trying to help you.And find that its main task is to protect you.Sometimes the sub consciousness does too much of this.

It tries to protect you at moments when it is not necessary.Sometimes it does things that are not really necessary for you.In fact you want to get rid of that.It does not work and you find it difficult to change.For instance being afraid of a thunderstorm, whereas you know that there is no need to be afraid.Or biting your nails.And much more.By using hypnosis, we can directly speak with the sub consciousness and in this way change these automatic programs in a way that is nice for you.

And through which you will no longer be bothered with the problem.How are we going to do this.I am going to help you to become very focused.And in fact this is not so special, since you already can do this.When you are emerged in a movie, you are listening to music, or you are very focused on something, well, we work with this same kind of focus in hypnosis.So that you can better talk with your deep inner mind, and solve the problems that are there.

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Sleep Hypnosis MindBubble Induction Only

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