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Branson Hypnosis Dinner Show

HEATHFIELD: Let’s get up here. GRUNT It’s a little tall forme, sorry about that. So what’s going on? What are we talkingabout here? BRANSON: Yeah, we’re here? Good.

There? A little bit, a little BRANSON: There? What, there, more there? One second. STEVE: Yeah, fix my eyeball. Make me pretty. Marker.

BIRDBIRD: OK, that marker wasa little close to my face, just so that you know. More this way BRANSON: This way? Uh, yeah. BRANSON: What? A hair to the BRANSON: You’re confusingme, darling.

HEATHFIELD: Oh well, my agentcalled me, and he said, you want to do this dinky littlething, and I was like, yeah, I guess. You know, I wasn’t reallythat into it. But I don’t know, the benefitsare pretty cool. And so far, it’s been OK. You know, I’ve been on alot of sets in my day. So I’m used to it, youknow what I’m saying?

STEVE: I moved to town aboutmaybe 6 months ago. And I paid this agency $1,800,and they said that they’d get me out. So five months into that, Ifound this job on my own. BRANSON: You know,when Harvey Harvey, that’s my agent toldme about the part, I said, Harvey, zip your lip, I am in. After all these years andyears of Broadway and

onBroadway and offBroadway,I just told him, I’m in. This is something new. It’s like a breathof fresh air. BIRDBIRD: Look, I haveto get into makeup, so what are we doing? We’re just doing a behind thescenes for quot;Learning Town.quot; If you could just saywho you are and a little bit about yourself.

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