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Best Hypnosis Induction Techniques

MUSIC PLAYING The induction itselfis very, very simple. We’ll talk about theprinciples on why you’re doing all the things in thenext section, the psychology of the induction. For now, let’s just lookat the mechanics of it. The first thing is,of course, as we say, let’s start over here.

Do your whole compliancetesting in one step and say, are youstill in hypnosis? Yes. We have that. Stand over here, please. Turn around and face me. Excellent. We’ve got all that.

Please look at here. Good. Now we have thecondition for it. The next step is fromhere, take one hand, in fact, I’ll take thishand here so you can see. And what I want youto do is stick it on the back of the neck,very gently cradling it, and initially, asyou’re training this,

all I want you todo is just guide their head into your shoulder. Now, they’ve got to giveyou their whole balance. Just give me your balance. All right, just pressonto my shoulder. There you go. That’s fine. They’ve got to give youtheir whole balance,

or they might stand ontheir own balance here. It doesn’t reallymatter what’s happening. You can even have someone’shead guided over here. But what we’relooking for is them to go into an unnaturalposition slightly. When their head istipped forward, now at this pointhere, you’ll notice it doesn’t feelcomfortable, does it?

No. It feels unusual. It’s like, what do I do? If they stay there, that is,it shows you a lot about trust. If they come forward andthen pull right back again, well, then you have a littlebit more work to do again. You’ve probably skippedone of the earlier stages. If you’ve your setupcorrectly, though,

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