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What is NLP and NLP Training

Hello friends, again ved this side from program your mind and today we'll understands in a very short term that what is nlp exactly whenever people talk about nlp, they have so many confusions they don't understands, what kind of science is this.Some says it is a science some says it's peak performance technology.Some says that it is an art.They don't understand exactly, what is nlp some says that it is a manual software of brain.Here i am telling you exactly, what is nlp and as you all know that we program your mind is famous for its simplicity.

We want to present everything in a very simple way so that everyone who wants to learn it, understand it can easily understand.It will no longer a complex science for a serious learner.We will make it it easier to learn, understand and apply.So lets understand what is nlp nlp is formed by 3 words neuro linguistic programming neuro is related to brain and mind, as you all know.Second linguistic linguistic is related to language.It includes both type of language.Verbal language and body language or non verbal language.

And the third is programming the definition of programming is the instructions to do any work so how these set of instruction work in our mind now i will tell you that nlp is not very complex like these there words.It is very a simple science of mind.Let me explain you.There are two things, one is brain and second is mind.Brain is like hardware and mind is like software.Our physical brain is like a hardware in which there our thinking system is working as software now, we have a challenge here in this world.

We all born with a ultimate powerful brain but we don't have any user manual on how to use develope this software mind and i want to tell you that our brain is receiving information all the time as a computer takes information from its various devices.In the same way our brain takes information from our 5 senses.Our brain grabs information from eyes, ears, nose, skin and tongue.And this information is raw data for our brain to process.And finally our mind creating some beliefs opinions and values by processing this raw data.

Have you ever seen 2 people behaving totally different in exact same situation.Think for a while a person who like red color another likes green and one other may like black.They can be members of the same family.Some time you see in a family, wife loves other child and husband like another.They are in same environment then why does it happens it happens just because of their programming in their mind.Different people likes different things.Why does it happens our behaviors are different.One person take a part in interview very confidently and other feels scared to face the interview.Why is it so.

I am telling you.All these things are depend on programming of our mind.And i want to tell you that till we were born our brain is receiving information and our mind is getting programmed in each and every moment.Whether we are aware of it or we are not aware of it.We want or don't want but our mind is getting programmed all the time.If you are watching a television, your mind is getting programmed.If you are reading a newspaper or magazine, your mind is getting programmed.

In fact as you are watching this tutorial right now, your mind is getting programmed.Because as you watching this, some opinions are coming to your mind.Either you like it or you dislike it.Either you are agree with it or you are disagree with it.But every time some programming is running in your mind.Let's try to understand nlp in simple words.You will understand it better by a simple example many times i share this example with people.When i talk about nlp think for a while that you have a nice computer with latest technology and good configuration.

Now if you put an outdated software in this updated computer and do not install any antivirus.What will happen your superb computer system will go waste.Now i have a question for you.Your brain is also a very precious hardware part of body.Do you think that it is worth less then a latest computer system you bother about your computer system and you don't want to put outdated software in a latest updated computer.So now.Don't you think that you also need to put an advanced and updated software in our hardware brain.

Women Become Mermaids For The Day

today we're gonna be turned into mermaids.Romantic violin music laughter did we get it jazzy saxophone my name is rachel smith.I am the head mermaid at the dive bar in sacramento, california.It's a bar that hosts a 40foot saltwater aquarium.And we have mermaid shows every single night.As a woman, i think mermaids appeal to me because they're part of two worlds.Ocean and land.You're not clearly quite sure where you belong, but you're still this confident and alluring sort of creature.Today, i'm gonna be training two fabulous ladies.

And transforming them into mermaids.We are excited.And scared.I don't believe in merdaids.I hope today, that changes.Everyone wanted to be ariel growin up, and now, i will finally be the brown ariel.When i train the girls today, i think there'll be some surprises.It looks so graceful and pretty.And their hair looks perfect even though it's under water.Oh no.Being a professional mermaid is actually a lot of hard work.It's athletic.The tails can be up to 35 pounds.

wait, so how do we get in the water is often very cold.My ovaries are shutting down! you have to swim with grace and strength.Today will probably change their lives.Michelle, two outfits.I brought these lovely shells for you.Dot, we're gonna have you in this lovely, seaweedy top.You know, i can't say that i've worn anything like this before.I can say i've dreamed of wearing things like this.And of course, you both get your mermaid crowns.

oh, i'm claiming this one.I feel fishy already.Mermaid makeup is super challenging because it has to stay on underwater.My face is blinged out.Bling bling.I feel like the rainbow fish.Okay ladies.It's time to fin up.Oh no.Now we can't walk anywhere.No, you can't walk.You have to swim.This is the tightest pair of pants i've ever put on.It won't go over my butt.Oh my god.You look like a mermaid.Excited screaming.

a tail wave for the camera.Hi guys.Dot you talkin stuff get the bleep out of here.Get out my face.See, the hips don't lie.Giggling you look fine, dot.I look fine, girl okay, we need to take a photo shoot.So, the thing about posing as a mermaid, you really wanna rotate your shoulders back and down.Oh my god.I feel sexier just doing it.Always, always point your toes.This is a person, this is a mermaid.

we're officially mermaids, people.We just have to swim now.We're gonna learn the basic mermaid swim.Nice and slow.Really, swimming is just twerking.Twerk, twerk.Yes, michelle.Yes, michelle.Almost.Rachel so much of being a professional mermaid is looking great while you are so uncomfortable.We're gonna learn bubble kisses.Put your hand on your mouth.Make a nice, tight seal.And then you're gonna throw your bubbles forward.Like that.I cannot.I jus't can't.Whoo, i see those bubbles.

last thing i wanted to try with you guys was a tail stand.I'll try the handstand, but i need a circle around me, and a lifeguard.There you go.Cheering we did it.No, you did.We're mermaids.You have to be coordinated and athletic.I am neither, but i now see that it takes a lot of work.I felt sexy.Underwater, not above.Because when i got above water, i was like, oh shit.I'm like drowning.I have so much respect for.

Hypnosis Crash Course Become A Hypnotist In 2 Hours Magnetic Finger Induction Demonstration

Hypnosis crash course become a hypnotist in 2 hours magnetic finger induction demonstration,Hypnosis training course go toudemyhypnosiscrashcourse now now to become a hypnotist type in hcvs in the discount code area and. Hypnosis training tutorial 466 the truth about becoming a hypnosis professional part 2,Discover how to have your own money making hypnosis business start with my free how to hypnotize tutorial only available at mncf4i for info call. Training tutorial 465 the truth about becoming a hypnosis professional part 1,Discover how to have your own money making hypnosis business start with my free how to hypnotize tutorial only available at mncf4i for info call.

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Lesbian subliminal hypnosis trainer,This ones for the ladies tired of just seeing tutorials aimed at making boys fall in love with men been needing an extra kick to seduce your sorority sister or.

Hypnosis training tutorial 468 the truth about becoming a hypnosis professional part 4,Discover how to have your own money making hypnosis business start with my free how to hypnotize tutorial only available at mncf4i for info call.

Diaperlife Hypnosis

Diaperlife hypnosis,Watch at own risk enjoy little ones diaper hypnosis adult baby time training tutorial stare into the pictures babies love pictures. Master hypnosis training,Masterhypnosistraining steve roehm master trainer master hypnotist and nlp master practitioner master hypnosis trainer steve roehm. Free hypnosis training,The magic of hypnosis how you can use the power of the mind to change peoples lives ed lesters method of teaching hypnosis presented to.

Hypnotic bdsm training become a bimbo slut,Link cybionscapehypnokinkindex2 this is an example of a hypnotic mantra to be played and repeated when the subject is in trance. Sleep hypnosis creativity success overcoming obstacles positive mind traininglong,This hypnosis will help you sleep and allow your subconscious mind to attract and create a positive future.

Hypnosis training tutorial 433 nlp training p1 by dr horton w cal,Discover how to have your own money making hypnosis business start with my free how to hypnotize tutorial only available at mncf4i for info call. Hypnosis training rapid pain relief technique free hypnosis lesson,To discover more about how to heal influence and persuade visitnlppoweryt and receive my free course the forbidden secrets of. Speed attraction sensual hypnosis training pleasure on command,Secrets of sensuality enhancement realworldhypnosiserotichypnosismadeeasy live in las vegas.


Slave training hypnosis for men rh trigger 18request,Facebookhypnosis this tutorial is designed for male viewers wishing to feel more submissive i do not recommend this tutorial if you are not. Hypnosis crash course hypnotic arm levitation,Hypnosis training course go toudemyhypnosiscrashcourse now to become a hypnotist type in hcvs in the discount code area and voil you. Hypnotherapy training london online course,This is an overview of all of the lessons on the free hypnotherapy training essentials online course the course is designed to help students and those who are.

Hypnosis training tutorial 296 top 7 reasons to be a hypnotist part iii,Discover how to have your own money making hypnosis business start with my free how to hypnotize tutorial only available at mncf4i for info call. Become certified in nlp today with online pay per view,Become a certified practitioner in neurolinguistic programming shypnosiseduahacertificationonlinenlppractitionercertificationtraining the american. Hypnosis 101 foundations in hypnotherapy,Hypnosisedutraining foundations in hypnotherapy lesson 1 of 7 with john melton this fascinating twohour lecture in professional hypnotherapy.

How to be a better hypnotist thehypnotist learn hypnosis training,Thehypnotist thehypnotist jonathan chase tells you how to be a better hypnotist as part of his free online learn hypnosis training tutorial faq series. Curious sissy hypnosis,Mp3 link spatreonposts4536632 undo hypnotic suggestions swatchvj9hp6u9t7ni this tutorial is intended for male. What is nlp and nlp training,What is nlp nlp stands for neuro linguistic programming this tutorial will help you understand nlp and how exactly it can benefit you indias leading mind.

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