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We went out and compiled a massive database of technical schools, universities and community colleges that currently offer Psychology Coaching courses in all 50 states. This took a lot of work, but we’re pretty proud of what we have achieved. Every single state is represented here. And while our school directory is not 100% exhaustive, it should help you find accredited education institutions in your area. Scroll down after our directory to find a handy step-by-step guide for how to use our school directory.

Update: We’ve partnered with Campus Explorer to give you a more complete and exhaustive list of accredited schools that are currently offering Psychology Coaching. Campus Explorer has an entire company devoted to building and updating a giant database of schools for people to choose from. We aren’t able to provide as complete a service, so we will feature Campus Explorer’s directory on our page first. Feel free to use in your search for the right school for you. Here You go…

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